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Forklift impact
Award: $4,285,000
Minor passenger’s head was struck by forks smashing through car window causing coma and brain damage (Contreras v. A&A Building Material Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Buy/Sell agreement
Award: $9,800,000
Employees were promised percentages of the net sale price of their company sale, but the company refused to make payment upon sale and disputed the net sale price (McCasland v. Chemicon International, Riverside County Superior Court).

Wading pool slip
Award: $1,117,033
Pregnant woman injured her back while carrying her one-year-old son on her right hip. She slipped in a wading pool coated with overly slippery epoxy paint (Gomez v. Cecero, Kern County Superior Court).

Race discrimination
Award: $61,000,056
Two Arab-American delivery drivers alleged race and national origin harassment, discrimination and retaliation by FedEx management (Issa v. Roadway Package System Inc., Alameda County Superior Court).

Horse accident
Award: $670,000
Defendant allegedly startled a horse that he and plaintiff were grooming, causing the horse to knock the plaintiff to the ground and injuring her wrist (Confidential v. Confidential, Santa Barbara County Superior Court).

Award: $17,143,000
Labor union conducted an allegedly defamatory postcard campaign claiming that Sutter birthing centers exposed newborns to infections through unsanitary linens (Sutter Health v. Unite Here, Placer County Superior Court).

Wrongful death
Award: $4,000,000
A truck driver who was about to re-enter his vehicle after changing a blown tire on a highway shoulder was struck and killed by another truck while his sons watched (Camacho-Perez v. USF Reddaway Inc., Merced County Superior Court).

Housing discrimination
Award: Defense
City of Pomona allegedly ratified attempts of organization to discriminate against African-Americans in housing (Inland Mediation Board v. City of Pomona, Central District Federal Court).

Landlord conversion
Award: $294,047
Engineering firm sought damages for valuable documents removed by landlord from premises; landlord claimed it disposed of abandoned debris (Carona Engineers Inc. v. Regent Properties 1, Alameda County Superior Court).

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