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George Davis named to State Bar board

George DavisLos Angeles media entrepreneur George O. Davis was appointed to the State Bar Board of Governors last month by Gov. Schwarzenegger. A veteran in the broadcast, cable, cinema and satellite services world, Davis said he believes lawyers hold a unique public trust, and he wants to remind fellow board members of its importance.

“A lot of citizens don’t understand the legal profession,” Davis said. “It’s very important that the profession deals with the public honorably. I hope to be a good advocate for users of the (justice system) and hopefully bring my business skills and a different point of view to the board.”

The 49-year-old resident of Ladera Hills, who began his career as a college disk jockey and television cameraman, owns and serves as principal of Davis Broadband Group, a media and entertainment consultancy that focuses on international business development and technical operations. He has worked closely with many senior level industry executives in broadcast, cable, cinema and satellite services and has served on the boards of studio joint ventures in Showtime Australia & Middle East and CineNova Holland.

To familiarize himself with the customs and cultures of the international world in which he works, Davis says he reads extensively and is a “museum freak.” He collects antiquarian books, rare maps and photos, and because of a particular interest in Asia, is studying Mandarin.

Davis served on the board of the California African-American Museum, but said he wanted to serve in a different capacity under Schwarzenegger, so applied for a board or commission where he “could be a little more involved.”

“I’m really trying to stretch out, to learn about other professions and learn about other cultures,” he said.

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