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Medical malpractice
Award: $1,032,999
A 33-year-old man died of cryptococcal meningitis, which allegedly was improperly diagnosed and treated by his physician (Confidential v. Confidential, Confidential Venue, Plaintiff attorney: Ronald M. Papell).

Truck driver killed
Award: $51,600,000
A 38-year-old longshoreman was killed when his idling pickup “self-shifted” from park to reverse as he stood behind it (Mraz v. DaimlerChrysler Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Fabrice Vincent).

Sexual orientation
Award: $78,007
A veteran actor alleged that after he was induced to move from Mexico City to Los Angeles to host a daytime television show, he was terminated because his employer believed he was gay (Gobera v. Liberman Broadcasting Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Scott R. Ames).

Bicyclist killed
Award: Defense
A 72-year-old bicyclist was crushed to death when he rode his bike under the wheels of a tractor-trailer that was making a right turn (Rollins v. Professional Demo Inc., Orange County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Donald E. McInnis).

Delayed C-section
Award: $2,150,000
An infant was born with severe brain and heart injuries allegedly because a C-section was not timely performed (Confidential v. Confidential, Riverside County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Jeffrey A. Milman).

Sexual assault
Award: $1,000,000
A 40-year-old woman claimed that, starting as a teenage Explorer Scout, she was raped by a police officer and then manipulated into engaging in a long-term sexual relationship with another officer (Confidential v. City of Signal Hill, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: David M. Ring).

Child death
Award: Defense
The parents of a 6-year-old boy alleged that his death was a result of his health care providers to properly diagnose and treat his symptoms (Zurcher v. Saenz, San Diego County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Daniel S. Belsky).

Truck v. pedestrian
Award: $2,500,000
A 39-year-old pedestrian crossing the street was struck and killed by a City of Los Angeles garbage truck (Morales v. City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Gregory W. Moreno).

Morphine poisoning
Award: $600,000
A 92-year-old patient at a residential care facility died as a result of improperly prescribed morphine (Mills v. Permanente Medical Group Inc., Alameda County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Carter M. Zinn).

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