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Insurance bad faith
Award: $3,130,000
Failure to negotiate in good faith with an insured business over coverage for water damage caused the business to dry up (Amerigraphics v. Mercury Casualty Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: James Osborne).

Asbestos exposure
Award: $9,944,000
Long-term bystander exposure to asbestos resulted in malignant pleural mesothelioma in a stillman/rigger at a Mobil Oil refinery (Rollin v. American Standard, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Gary Paul).

Illegal U-turn
Award: $1,000,000
A vehicle made an illegal U-turn across a double yellow line, striking and severely injuring a bicyclist (Liu v. Juo, San Francisco County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: B. Robert Allard).

Hospital negligence
Award: $1,074,102
Lack of proper monitoring of a developmentally disabled patient allowed the man to jump 30 feet to his death from a hospital window (Sanchez v. Scripps Health, San Diego County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Daniel M. Gilleon).

Third-party claims
Award: $4,660,000
The workers’ compensation claims’ administrator for the Marin County risk pool repeatedly mishandled claims (Marin Schools Insurance Authority v. ESIS Inc., Napa County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Daniel R. Sovocool).

Title IX
Award: $19,074,673
A winning women’s college basketball coach was terminated following her repeated complaints of preferential treatment for the men’s team in violation of Title IX (Johnson-Klein v. California State University, Fresno, Fresno County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Warren R. Paboojian).

Medical malpractice
Award: $1,000,000
VA physicians allegedly failed to diagnose an epidural abscess in a patient, despite repeated indications of a neurologic emergency (Murphy v. United States of America, Northern District Federal Court, Plaintiff attorney: Jeffrey A. Milman).

Hotel guest falls
Award: $1,500,000
Loose tread on a hotel stairway resulted in a guest tumbling down four steps (L.A. Fredeen v. Residence Inn by Marriott, San Bernardino County Superior Court, Plain- tiff attorney: R. Edward Pfiester Jr.)

Award: $1,870,000
Worn tire tread on a rented van caused serious injuries to a passenger when a blowout resulted in a rollover (Pease v. Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Sacramento, Sacramento County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Joseph J. Babich).


In the print version of the April California Bar Journal, Trials Digest incorrectly stated the name of the lead plaintiff attorney for a featured case ("Rollover"). The correct information is above. Trials Digest regrets the error.

Editor's Note: California Bar Journal publishes this abbreviated summary of important trials in California provided by Trials Digest, a Thomson West business. To report your case results, go to or call 415-344-6000.

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