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Patient death
Award: $1,000,000
Family members of an Alzheimer’s patient in an assisted living facility alleged failure to supervise following the patient’s death after wandering off the premises (Clinkenbeard v. Creekside County Manor, San Mateo County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Walter G. Haynes IV).

Water damage
Award: $859,478
Water damage from a leaking bathtub forced a neighboring tenant from his unit during mold and asbestos remediation (Birman v. Queen Surf Owners Association Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Jonathan D. Winters).

Sexual harassment
Award: Defense
Complaints of sexual harassment on the job allegedly led to the termination of a candy company employee (Webber v. Sconza, Solano County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Randal M. Barnum).

Bad faith
Award: $3,634,774
Homeowner’s insurance company unreasonably delayed and denied his claim for damage from a foundation crack (Colombero v. United Services Automobile Association, San Diego County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Michael J. Bidart).

Finder’s fee
Award: $997,500
A real estate broker was denied his finder’s fee commission in the sale of a property (Schwartz v. Stradella Investments Inc., Unfiled Arbitration, Plaintiff attorney: Robert J. Gilliland Jr.).

Fatal fall
Award: $200,000
Following a fall from a second-story window, a man was transported to a hospital, where failure to timely treat his injuries resulted in his death (Carr v. County of Los Angeles, Plaintiff attorney: Barbara A. Jackson).

Construction accident
Award: $1,825,000
The supervisor of a construction crew was injured when his vehicle was struck by a dump truck (Harp v. Armitage, Orange County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: Thomas N. Luebke).

Hospital negligence
Award: Defense
A patient who was considered a fall risk was fatally injured as a result of a fall from his hospital bed (Kuo v. Doe Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Defense attorney: Michael A. O’Flaherty).

Fatal collision
Award: $3,500,000
A motorcyclist was fatally injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer that pulled out in front of him (Pavlock v. James H. Clark & Son Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court, Plaintiff attorney: John C. Taylor).

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