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Liberal agenda

Once again, your readership is subjected to nonsense and the incessant drum beat of “victimization” and “revisionist history,” all in the name of a liberal agenda to continuously demonize this great country of ours. The new State Bar president discusses the Japanese internment of almost 70 years ago and somehow weaves in her unsupported belief that the USA is again abusing the rights of American citizens during our war on terror. 

Is this really why she was elected? Is her mandate to push an “America is to blame” agenda? Do we have to continuously be subjected to propaganda from an elected representative?

Is it not ironic and ridiculous that a person who identifies herself as a minority elected to be State Bar president coupled with the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land brings even more trumpeting of victimization and illusions of civil rights deprivation?

Enough already!

Fred Gatt
San Mateo

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