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Bar board member agrees to drop his lawsuit

State Bar President Holly Fujie announced last month that the bar and board of governors member Michael Tenenbaum constructively resolved issues that arose following Tenenbaum’s successful election to the board in July 2008.

Tenenbaum’s election had been challenged by three attorneys in District 6 (central California), including one of the unsuccessful candidates, based on claims relating to the location of his principal office for the practice of law. A special board committee determined that the challenge did not have merit and Tenenbaum was seated and has been serving as a member of the board.

A lawsuit Tenenbaum filed prior to the committee’s determination to certify his election will be voluntarily dismissed by Tenenbaum. The board plans to place the review of its election procedures on the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

“We are very pleased that this is now completely behind us and we look forward to Michael’s continuing advice and service on the board,” Fujie said.

Tenenbaum said he looked forward to helping the board reform the provisions that led to the confusion following his election, adding, “I am committed to constructively continuing my work on the board of governors and to maintaining my full focus on the issues of efficiency and accountability that are now proving to be as critical as ever.”

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