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Bar board hires veteran Sacramento auditors

The Sacramento auditing firm of Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting Inc. has been hired by the State Bar Board of Governors to conduct an internal audit.

The initial evaluation of payroll, accounts payable and procurement and budget controls will cost $70,400. After that, the firm, which won a three-year contract and was the low bidder, will charge an hourly rate of $121 for further audits that could change slightly based on the mix of administrator and staffer hours required.

State Bar President Howard Miller said the Sjoberg Evashenk presentation was “a cut above” those of the other three finalists, all of which were impressive: Kevin Harper & Associates, Moss Adams and KPMG. Kurt Sjoberg is former state auditor for California and Marianne Evashenk is former chief deputy state auditor.

An evaluation committee consisting of Miller, Audit Committee Chair Laura Chick and State Bar Chief Financial Officer Peggy Van Horn selected the four finalists after judging 12 proposals on responsiveness to the submission requirements, agreement with the State Bar’s contracting requirements, ability to perform on time and budget and itemized cost of fixed and future deliverables.

The selection of an audit firm to perform internal audit services is part of the Audit Committee’s ongoing evaluation of the bar’s internal control system in the wake of a $675,000 embezzlement by a longtime State Bar employee that was discovered last year. Chick, California’s inspector general, said the audit provides an opportunity for the bar to execute first-rate risk management and make sure its business processes and internal controls are in order.

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