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Bar salutes longtime members

Curtis B. Danning, 82, a graduate of UCLA's first law school class, received a proclamation from State Bar President James Herman recognizing his 50 years of practice.

Curtis B. Danning, 82, a graduate of UCLA's first law school class
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He also accepted a 75-year certificate in honor of his older sister, Sarah, who received a law degree from the University of Southern California in 1923. Sarah Danning, 100, was a litigator in bankruptcy court and became the first woman bankruptcy trustee in the United States.

Seven other California attorneys, all but one 100 years old, have worked as lawyers for 75 years. In addition to Sarah Danning, they are Raymond J. Kirkpatrick, 102, of Long Beach; Samuel Whittier Gardiner, 100, of San Rafael; Raymond M. Farley, 100, of Oakland; C. Douglas Smith, 100, of Santa Barbara; Cecil Norman Lavers, 100, of Berkeley; Harvey Mullins Parker, 100 this month, of Pasadena, and Jack G. Schapiro, 98, of Tarzana.

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