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Justice O’Connor

The Supreme Court-the calm before the storm
The Supreme Court’s term that ended June 27 produced remarkably little change in the law. In the most controversial areas — such as whether the government may take private property to increase economic development, whether Ten Commandments displays on government property violate the Establishment Clause, whether federal law may criminally prohibit and punish private possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes — the Court made no new law, but instead applied long-standing precedent.

San Diego hosts Annual Meeting
More than 5,000 lawyers and judges are expected to converge in San Diego next month for the first-ever concurrent conventions of California’s three key legal organizations. The State Bar’s Annual Meeting, the Judicial Council’s Statewide Judicial Branch Conference and the California Judges Association Conference will be held simultaneously, focusing on the themes of judicial independence, public trust and confidence in the judiciary and improving access to justice.

Six elected to bar board of governors
The State Bar Board of Governors will be significantly more diverse next month when six new members (including the young lawyer member) take their seats after winning election to the 23-member board. Four women, two ethnic minorities and two men in their 60s may change the tone and outlook of the board, which will be well-balanced in terms of gender, race, age, size of firm and type of practice.

Safety and services under one roof
The Riverside Police Department encountered an all too familiar story: A woman was in the hospital after being severely beaten at her home. Her husband was in custody, held as a suspect in the battering. In the past, the multitude of law enforcement and domestic violence services would have stood ready to help, each responding individually as they received word of the incident or were approached by the victim.

6,000-plus lawyers may lose their bar cards
More than 6,000 California lawyers face the possible loss of their license to practice as a result of not complying with continuing education requirements or not paying their bar dues. As of last month, 3,850 lawyers had not paid their dues and another 2,379 had not completed MCLE requirements.

Online Exhibit Hall
The businesses and services listed here support the State Bar through various means, most notably as exhibitors at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. Visit them online or via phone to serve your individual needs.

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