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Priority court access cards are snapped up
Richard Knickerbocker is one of the lucky 1,500. Quick on the computer, he met the criteria (good State Bar standing, address of record in Los Angeles, an online State Bar profile and a working private e-mail address) to take part in a Court Priority Access card pilot program in Los Angeles.

State Bar celebrates its
80th anniversary

When California’s unified State Bar was launched in 1927, no one predicted it would be easy. “The first year will be a crucial one, for we have no charted course to follow, no precedent to aid us, nor a guiding star other than our ideals and conscience,” Joseph Webb, the first State Bar president, wrote in a 1927 State Bar Journal column.

Local focus for
State Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court’s 2006-07 term generated a surprising number of cases dealing with essentially local issues. There were no grand decisions involving broad constitutional or social issues, no major political cases and very little to generate big headlines.

Marguerite Downing

Downing appointed to the Los Angeles bench
Marguerite Downing, vice president of the State Bar Board of Governors, was appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court by Gov. Schwarzenegger last month.

2006-07 Exhibitor Directory
The businesses and services listed here support the State Bar through various means, most notably as exhibitors at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. Visit them online or via phone to serve your individual needs.

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