Public Comment

Sample written fee agreement forms

Issue: These proposed amendments would simplify and streamline the bar's sample written fee agreement forms, as well as add a section with 10 additional clauses. The additional clauses were included to help meet the specific needs of attorneys using the agreements. The sample written fee agreements were adopted several years ago by the Board of Governors to comply with Business & Professions Code 6147 and 6148. Amendments have been made over the years to comply with various statutory changes, but the agreements have not undergone a thorough review since their adoption in 1987 and 1992, respectively.

Source: State Bar Board Committee on Client Relations & Assistance and State Bar Committee on Mandatory Fee Arbitration

Deadline: June 3

Contact: Susie Mueller, Office of Fee Arbitration, State Bar of California, 100 Van Ness Ave., 28th floor, San Francisco 94102-5238; 451/241-2036