Fee arbitration procedure out for public comment

The State Bar currently is seeking public comment on a proposal to amend Article VIII (rules 39.0 through 48.0) of the Rules of Procedure for Fee Arbitration to add a mediation process which can be consented to by all parties after a request for arbitration is made by the client.

The proposed changes also include various amendments to the fee arbitration process, such as allowing inspection of documents and records by the client before the hearing and clarifying procedures when a lawyer designates another lawyer responsible for any refund to the client.

SOURCE: State Bar Board Committee on Client Relations & Assistance and State Bar Committee on Mandatory Fee Arbitration

Deadline: March 11

Contact: Ruth Guerrero, Office of Fee Arbitration, State Bar of California, 100 Van Ness Ave., 28th Floor, San Francisco 94102-5238; 415/241-2022