A legal presentation with a view -
Give your presentation
a visual impact

Z-Axis, a pioneer in the development of computer animated presentation systems for trial and interactive video in the courtroom, has created a new user-friendly tool for delivering legal presentations called VuPoint.

Often, communication with the jury can be enhanced when a visual strategy is implemented to demonstrate a point. In addition to use during trial, VuPoint can be used during legal hearings, arbitration, mediation, settlement negotiation or as part of an internal presentation. Using a personal computer and images stored on CD-ROM or hard disk, VuPoint exhibits may be organized by topics, chronology or document type. Users can highlight or zoom in on specific areas and last-minute exhibits can be changed or added the night before or during recess to adapt to the trial flow.

The product is backed by Z-Axis technical support. Experts are available to provide training and assistance in designing presentations. VuPoint may be licensed and leased on a monthly basis. For further information, call 303/792-2400 or write Z-Axis Corp., 116 Inverness Drive East, Suite 110, Englewood, Colo. 80112.

Shepard's releases
new update service

Shepard's/McGraw-Hill, publisher of Shepard's Citations, has released its new Shepard's Daily Update subscription service developed to provide users with the most current Shepard's Citations information.

New information, including a full range of editorial analysis, is delivered 24 to 48 hours after the opinions are obtained by Shepard's. Current subscribers to Citations on CD-ROM who have an Internet connection can access the Daily Update service simply by touching the Daily Update icon on the screen. The company provides special Internet connection software.

For non-Internet users, there is a toll-free modem, fax and telephone access to the service. Modem communications software also comes with the product.

Shepard's Daily Update is currently available for United States and federal citations and for several state jurisdictions, including California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. The company plans to release additional jurisdictions this year. The annual single-user cost is $240. For further information, call the company at 1-800/899-6000.

Gryphon develops
software for Windows

The Poseidon Group's Gryphon Litigation Case & Practice Management software for Windows is now featured in the Microsoft Access Solutions Portfolio.

Gryphon, utilizing trademarked Integrated Decision Assistance, combines practice management, case management and time billing features all in one software program. According to a company spokesperson, it is the only single program available that performs all these functions.

The Microsoft Access environment allows for "seamless" integration with all Windows Operating Systems and a variety of word processors including MS Word and WordPerfect.

Gryphon Version 2.0, which is scheduled for release in June, will offer an office telecommunications command feature. For more information or demonstration, call 1-800/547-9746.

WORLDOX upgrade
includes new features

World Software Corp. has released WORLDOX 2.1 document management software, which offers several new features to the company's current WORLDOX 2.0 version.

In addition to Windows 95 compatibility, newly added features include a network mirror and restore (mirroring or shadowing) function, a file-level security option for networks, enhanced ZIP (compression) functions, direct paste to application via WORLDOX viewers, and a browsing tool. Version 2.1 also features enhancements to the Quick Access System and Profile Field Tables which can be printed or exported.

For further information or for purchase of a $25 upgrade of WORLDOX 2.0, call WSC at 1-800/ 962-6360 or 201/444-3228 or fax 201/444-9065. To correspond by mail, write to: 124 Prospect St., Ridgewood, N.J. 07450.

RIA's homepage joins
the World Wide Web

Research Institute of America (RIA) has produced a home page on the Internet located at:

RIA's home page features weekly tax news delivered from Washington, D.C., and offers instant access to the most current international, federal, state and local tax and pension and benefits news before it appears in other media forms.

Users also can download RIA product demonstrations and brochures and access up-to-date phone lists for such items as technical support, customer service and an editorial hotline. Visitors to the site can request information via email.

For more information, call Cynthia Goss at 212/807-2866 or Stephanie Rowden at 1-800/829-6623.

Online directory for lawyers is 'platinum'

The Platinum Pages, an online version of the Yellow Pages, has established a new Internet site making its legal directory accessible through every service that provides an Internet connection.

The Platinum Pages, already a content provider for the Microsoft Network, is a global collection of lawyers, experts, and legal vendors that can be used by both consumers and lawyers.

Features of the directory include the ability to locate an attorney who practices the specific type of law you need in the location you desire. It also can find a lawyer who speaks your language.

Attorneys, experts and vendors may market their firms with EZ Listings or with interactive display ads. For more information, contact Marilyn Carr at 1-800/946-9484 or e-mail:

West's new FirmSite
on the Internet service

West Publishing is offering a new service, FirmSite on the Internet, to assist law firms design and develop their own customized home page (or FirmSite) on the Internet.

FirmSites created through the Internet service will be linked to West's Legal Directory which ensures that firms are positioned where clients are looking for legal information.

In addition, FirmSite pages are updated as often as information is received from law firms, and West monitors and maintains the FirmSite server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To view the options a FirmSite can provide a law firm, see "Tennyson and Keye," WLD's FirmSite demo, at: The WLD home page is at:

For further information on the FirmSite service call 1-800/455-4565 or contact West via e-mail at: For information about West's Legal Directory, contact WLD via e-mail at:

Computer network
controlled by attorneys

Safety-Link Corporation's Private Delivery with Privileged Notification is a marriage between SkyTel 2-Way paging telecommunications and email which allows attorneys to electronically deliver sensitive "top secret" documents directly to a specific client without handing off to a third party.

Any message or file created by a DOS or Windows-based program can be sent via "Private Delivery" using a DOS menu item or Windows icon. Encoded security checks are built into the system, eliminating the need for memorizing passwords.

For further information, call Frank Kroncke at 619/565-9935.

Records management
system for Windows

Accutrac Software, Inc. has released ACCUTRAC for Windows, the new Windows version of the company's ACCUTRAC Records Management program.

The new, easy-to-use version allows users to create a complete database of all company files, with corresponding bar code labels identifying each file. A bar code reader can then be used to quickly check files in and out of the file-room and track them throughout the office.

Other functions include document indexing, multilevel tracking, a pop-up notes field, global searching, flexible reporting, onscreen file requests, portable uploading, entry validation, records retention, password protection and online help.

For more information contact Kurt Thies, president, Accutrac Software, at 800-578-9361.

New document destruction service

For as little as $1.39 per day, law firms in Southern California can have Williams Records Management collect and shred their sensitive documents, saving considerable employee time and maintenance of paper shredders.

Williams provides locked security containers for customers to deposit documents to be shredded. Each container holds up to 250 pounds of paper and are collected weekly, monthly or on an "as needed" basis. The company also offers magnetic media destruction.

For further information contact Mark Williams at 213-234-3453, ext. 222.