Tech aids lawyers' work

Use of LLCs explained
for California attorneys

With LLCs now accepted in virtually every jursdiction, and with many of the early tax issues resolved, Data Trace Publishing Co. has released the first supplement to the California Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual.

The state-specific forms and practice manual (with optional disk) provides a comprehensive collection of LLC forms with explanatory text and examples exclusively for California. The supplement updates changes in the law and provides step-by-step instructions to help the user draft documents that meet their clients' needs.

For further information, contact Brian Rohd at 1-800/342-0454.

Motorola introduces pager
and cellular phone in one

Motorola has introduced RSVP, a wireless product that combines a pager and cellular phone into a single unit.

RSVP features the company's BRAVO Encore! numeric pager, including audio or silent vibrating alerts, time of day, backlit display, and message time stamping. The pager is built into a cellular phone battery that slides onto the back of any Motorola MicroTAC or retail pocket personal cellular telephone in place of the standard battery. The removable, rechargeable battery powers both the pager and cellular phone.

The product allows users to screen calls, extend the life of the phone battery and remain accessible even when the cellular phone is turned off. RSVP retails for $259 and is available through participating distributors of Motorola wireless products.

Software companies team
for document assembly

Software Technology Inc. and Capsoft Development Corp. have combined efforts in creating Case Master III, a case management software for Windows, and HotDocs Version 3 document coding and assembly software.

The interface, which gives firms the ability to work in either WordPerfect 6 for Windows or Microsoft Word 6 for Windows, allows law firms to integrate these two widely used systems and cross-reference documents using HotDocs for use with specific case information tracked within Case Master III.

A benefit of the document assembly process between these two systems is the ability to "write back" to Case Master III. The "write back" occurs when filling in information during the assembly process that had not been previously entered. The information can be inserted into the document and written directly to Case Master III's files at the time the document is assembled.

The price for Case Master III starts at $995. For more information, contact Dan Berlin at STI at 1-800/487-7111, ext. 920, or Leonard Ducharme at Capsoft Development Corp. at 1-800/500-3627.

West launches two online
plans for solo lawyers

West Publishing has designed two PRO (Predictable Research Online) plans for solo practitioners and law firms of up to nine attorneys that provide unlimited access to a complete line of designated WESTLAW databases, for one monthly fee.

WESTLAW PRO offers subscribers unlimited access to California legal databases for $150 per month for one attorney and $50 per month for each additional attorney.

WESTLAW PRO PLUS offers subscribers unlimited access to specified California databases plus U.S. Supreme Court cases, Ninth Circuit cases, California Federal District Court cases, bankruptcy cases from California, United States Code Annotated and related databases. The monthly fee is $175 for one attorney and $80 per month for each additional attorney.

PRO plan subscribers will also benefit from West's KeySearching, editorial enhancements in synopses and headnotes, and WIN plain-English searching feature. Call 1-800/778-8090 or e-mail

DataSoft's new single CD-ROM
speeds up research

DataSoft has developed a California Law Library on CD-ROM which contains the official California 3rd and 4th Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cases along with the complete California codes, all on one disk.

To use the product, the user simply plugs in a keyword and presses "enter." The cases or statutes that are being searched are found "at the speed of light," according to a company spokesperson.

For more information on Data-Soft's California Library on CD-ROM, call 1-800/255-3803.

Directory on the Internet

Martindale-Hubbell has placed its entire law directory, which includes more than 900,000 practicing lawyers and firms worldwide, on the company's new World Wide Web site at:

The first major feature of the new site is the Martindale Lawyer Locator, which via hypertext links, can transport visitors from the Martindale-Hubbell site directly to a desired firm's web site or Internet home page, and from those law firm sites back to the Martindale-Hubbell directory.

In addition to the new Internet site, the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory is also available in hardbound print, CD-ROM and online via LEXIS-NEXIS. For additional information, call 1-800/526-4902.

Law practice software

Elite Information Systems has released an updated version of its Elite Practice Development Software (EPDS) to help law firms market and develop their practice.

Call 310/398-4900 or contact Elite's web site: