Television actor/investor seeks profits from film
Award: $2,800,000

An actor who invested and starred in Ghost Fever claimed the distributor failed to pay his share of the profits. Kodiak Films contended the film "didn't do well" (Infinite Productions v. Kodiak Films, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Cyclist sustains brain damage in rear-ender
Award: $7,500,000

A motorcyclist claimed defendant rear-ended him on a freeway exit. Defendant contended that plaintiff rear-ended defendant's Isuzu (Rice v. Rosenberg, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Homeowners association claims multiple defects
Award: $2,791,252

Homeowners in a 264-unit Simi Valley condo complex claimed improper design and major construction defects. Defendants contended that the 1994 Northridge earth-quake caused significant damage (Simi Valley Le Parc Homeowners Association v. EPAC Development, Ventura County Superior Court).

German shepherds attack wayward mountain hiker
Award: $53,326

Four free-running dogs attacked a hiker who inadvertently entered their owner's unfenced property. The owner claimed plaintiff was trespassing (Bode v. Retz, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Customer falls into pit
Award: $638,162

A customer at Magic Lube & Tune walked into the service area and fell into an unlit, uncovered service pit. The shop contended she should not have been in the work area (Jarecki v. Ahmed, Alameda County Superior Court).

Senior shopper trips, falls at bargain fair
Award: $60,000

An elderly woman claimed she fell on a security gate track placed across the doorway at closing time. The store contended she was mistaken and had actually fallen elsewhere (Mathis v. Bargain Fair, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Navigator injured during road rally to Las Vegas
Award: Defense

Apassenger/navigator in an all-night sports car rally required amputation of his hand after the driver fell asleep and the car flipped. The driver contended plaintiff signed a written release and waiver of liability (Cassano v. Day, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

Client claims malpractice
Award: Defense

A venture capitalist claimed his attorney's election of a mutual restraining order rather than dismissal of plaintiff's application for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend constituted malpractice (Jafee v. McDonald, San Diego County Superior Court).

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