Assistance available via CD-ROMS, seminars

Products liability/medical information for attorneys

Clark Boardman Callaghan has released two new CD-ROM publications.

The first, Attorneys Medical Advantage, is a fully integrated CD-ROM that provides authoritative, plain language medical explanations, along with more than 300 full-color illustrations which can be used to enhance trial presentations or improve settlement negotiations.

Attorneys can master the medical and technical concepts of normal anatomy and physiology of the human body, birth, growth and aging processes, traumatic injuries, diseases, disorders, imaging biopsies, lab tests, drugs, radiation and more. The CD-ROM also integrates with Attorneys Medical Advisor (with links to selected MEDLINE abstracts), Attorneys Medical Atlas (with Smart Labels), and Stedman's Medical Dictionary.

The second publication, Products Liability PowerLink, is designed to streamline every aspect of a products liability case. It combines expert analytical text, a comprehensive case reporter, and up-to-the-minute currency of WESTLAW Online Services.

The CD-ROM gives the user fully integrated access to expert legal analysis, more than 20,000 full-text cases on products liability nationwide with free WESTLAW Online update library; full text of federal and state statutes and selected regulations, including Uniform Commercial Code, Model Uniform Products Liability Act, and Uniform Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act; thousands of expert witnesses; government recall and investigation information; industry standards data; forms, checklists and litigation strategies.

For additional information on either product, call Clark Boardman Callaghan at 1-800/890-5588.

Health care laws and regulations on CD-ROM

NILS Publishing Co. has introduced a new healthcare service on CD-ROM called INSource Healthcare.

The CD-ROM is updated monthly and contains a comprehensive collection of state and federal laws, statutes and regulations that affect this growing industry. According to a company spokesperson, the service is ideal for assisting health care industry professionals in complying with this increasingly state-regulated environment.

Every section of law and every regulation is subject-indexed, producing consistent search results across all types of law and states.

The INSource Healthcare service can be used standing alone or over a PC network at no additional cost and is available on an annual subscription basis. Subscribers can choose the states that fit their needs and budgets. Complete full-text information is now available for the federal government, California and 35 other states.

A full-featured copy of the research software and current information is available for evaluation upon request. For a free trial, call the company at 1-800/423-5910 or fax 818/718-8482, attention: Healthcare Sales.

Litigation cost reduction seminar set Oct. 29

LexTech Inc. will hold its next litigation cost seminar Oct. 29 at the Universal Hilton and Towers in Universal City. The seminar, designed for corporate counsel and litigation managers, will offer the latest strategies in litigation cost reduction.

The seminar will be conducted by Richard Hall, a trial attorney and specialist in law technology and cost control. Topics will include setting effective litigation guidelines and consequences, tracking, estimating and budgeting, use of technology in cutting costs, analyzing cost data, auditing legal bills and maintaining a corporate cost management ethic.

For more information, call Larry Loban at 916/729-1526 or contact the LexTech website:

Murder trial on CD-ROM

TransMedia has released version 3.0 of Objection!!, a computerized murder trial simulation. Approved for 12 CLE credits in California, Objection!! puts the player in the role of a defense attorney, defending an innocent man accused of murder.

Watching as witnesses are questioned, the player presses a key that indicates whether or not each question is proper, or which of 12 objections they would pose. The judge sustains or overrules any objections.

The previous version of Objection!! is limited to direct examination of one party's witnesses. Version 3.0 is an entire trial with direct examination and cross examination of several witnesses including medical and technical experts. Questions (murder weapon, time of death, etc.) change each game, making each trial different.

Objection!! 3.0 sells for $149 and includes a 250-page guide to testimonial evidence titled Rules of Evidence for Witness Testimony. CLE-Objection!! 3.0 includes a 650-page trial manual titled Comprehensive EVIDENCE, and three hours of audio presentation. It sells for $299. For further information, call TransMedia at 1-800/832-4980, ext. 9001.

LA court filings now online

Attorneys can now monitor and track Los Angeles court filings from their offices using Court WATCH, a new on-line service developed by CDB Infotek in a recent agreement with the Los Angeles County courts.

Court WATCH provides Los Angeles businesses with daily notification of filings in both superior and municipal civil courts. The service also alerts interested parties when filing activity occurs pertaining to a pre-selected list of names.

For further information on Court WATCH, call the company at 1-800/427-3747.