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Front Page - August 2001
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News / News Briefs
MCLE deadline for Group 3 (last names N-Z) is Feb. 1
Judicial Council launches online self-help center
California lawyers honored for work for homeless, minorities and children
Coy about her future, Reno focuses on women's issues
No bias found against solos
Governor signs two-year fee bill
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Ethics update...
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Trials Digest
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From the President - Bar targets unauthorized practice
Microsoft ruling: Foundation to settle
MJP is more than alphabet soup
Letters to the Editor
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Legal Tech - A look back at six years of technology news
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You Need to Know
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MCLE Self-Study
A word from our sponsors
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Ethics Byte - Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how
Recovering alcoholic may get to recover his license
Attorney Discipline
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Public Comment
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Workplace porn harasses
Award: $230,000

Pornography scattered about the workplace by an employer is deemed harassment and grounds for constructive wrongful termination, but not intentional infliction of emotional distress. (Quinn v. Barry & Company, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Broadside causes injuries
Award: $51,639,192

Suffering from numerous neurological ailments, a woman hit in an intersection is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. (Burch v. Children's Hospital of Orange County Thrift Stores Inc., Orange County Superior Court).

Dust damages lungs
Award: $500,000

Accidental exposure to overwhelming volumes of cement dust at work permanently damaged a maintenance worker's lungs. (Osborne v. Kaiser Cement Corp., Alameda County Superior Court).

Falling fence scars child
Award: $25,500

Maintenance workers at an apartment building inadequately secured an iron fence which fell, scarring a young girl. (Garcia v. Riverview Community Partnership, Orange County Superior Court).

Latex provides excuse
Award: $1,752

Finding a piece of latex (which he asserts was a condom) in his orange muffin so distressed a man that he missed a week of work. (Melendez v. Otis Spunkmeyer, Yolo County Superior Court).

Fertility treatment wasted
Award: Defense

A couple, both 45, claimed that their advanced-age infertility resulted from time wasted by the unsuccessful fertility treatments of defendant medical group. (Malek v. Desert Valley Medical Group, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Life employment implied
Award: $130,000

Dead man's promises to his apartment manager implied a contract for life employment, thwarting his heir's attempts to fire the man. (Rojas v. Glicksman, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Failed IPO sinks CFO
Award: $710,000

A Direct Express executive claimed that he was fired because his company's planned initial public offering fell through. (Moreau v. Direct Express, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Gymnast slips, hurts hip
Award: $695,000

A gymnastics student suffered a chondrolytic hip after falling from a balance beam onto an unpadded support. (Bozorghadad v. Gold Star Gymnastics Academy Inc., Santa Clara County Superior Court).

EDITOR'S NOTE: California Bar Journal publishes this abbreviated summary of important trials in California provided by Trials Digest Publishing Inc. For a free complete trial report on any case listed, call 510/420-1800.