California Bar Journal
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Building inspector falls
Award: $2,727,787

A building inspector suffered a skull fracture and brain damage after falling from a ladder to a concrete pad below him. (Alvarez v. Stone-Cheney Construc-tion Co. Inc., Sacramento County Superior Court).

Wrong rims/tires installed
Award: $12,799,672

Defendant installed BMW rims and tires on a Honda, causing a rollover that left one plain-tiff paralyzed. (Saakyan v. Modern Auto Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Hostile work environment
Award: $350,000

An African-American animal control officer claimed that defendants tolerated and condoned an open and obvious hostile racial environment. (Barber v. County of Ventura, Ventura County Superior Court).

Computer files divulged
Award: Defense

Plaintiff claimed defendant employer was liable for invasion of privacy after a co-worker accessed private information on plaintiff's computer. (O'Neil v. Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Folding chair collapses
Award: $550,000

A rental folding chair collapsed at a Christmas potluck luncheon, reinjuring plaintiff's lower spine and requiring fusion surgery. (Confidential v. Confidential, San Diego County Superior Court).

Investors claim fraud
Award: $597,894

Plaintiff investors claimed that defendants committed fraud or breached their fiduciary duties by misrepresenting facts about the purchase of a motel. (Kalthia v. Chhatrala, San Diego County Superior Court).

Immigration lawyers sued
Award: $365,000

Plaintiff engineer claimed that his attorneys mishandled his petition to the INS, causing him to lose his status and nearly be deported. (Saraswati v. Wildes, San Diego County Superior Court).

Massive pileup on SR-99
Award: $11,810,500

Plaintiffs alleged that a tractor-trailer overturn caused a 14-vehicle pileup in foggy conditions on State Route 99, causing death, paraplegia and other injuries. (Ruiz v. Watkins Motor Lines Inc., Tulare County Superior Court).

Pedestrian's fetus injured
Award: $5,500,000

Plaintiff pedestrian was hit in a crosswalk by defendant bus driver, crushing her pelvis and causing severe brain damage to her 3-month-old fetus. (Zhu-Wong v. Eves, Los Angeles County Superior Court).