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Knees break as boat sinks
Award: $620,790

Plaintiff fisherman claimed he tore menisci in both knees during the sinking of a commercial vessel. (Somarriba-Rueda v. M/V Adriatic Sea, Central District Federal Court.)

Brain damage charged
Award: $5,454,311

Plaintiffs claimed that defendant medical group's urgent care facility acted below the standard of care in treating asthma attack patient. (Solomon v. Desert Valley Hospital, San Bernardino County Superior Court.)

Evicted to raise the rent
Award: $290,000

Plaintiff sued his landlord for wrongful eviction after the landlord allegedly evicted him to raise the rent. (Negoesco v. Romanov Realty, San Francisco Superior Court.)

No OK to top trees
Award: $39,000

Property owner sued defendant tree company for topping trees and bushes without his permission. (Yee v. Olivier, Orange County Superior Court.)

Massive rollover injuries
Award: $2,800,000

An unbelted minivan limousine passenger suffered massive degloving injuries to both arms when she was ejected from the vehicle during a rollover. (Borck v. Bonifacio, San Francisco County Superior Court.)

No kiss and tell
Award: Defense

Plaintiff celebrity photographer sued Mick Jagger and a night club for taking and destroying an alleged photograph of Jagger kissing Uma Thurman. (Einhorv v. The Viper Room, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Child burned in tub
Award: $1,430,000

A young child was severely burned when left unattended in a bathtub in a rental unit. (Doe Child v. Roe Landlord, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Three fingers amputated
Award: $1,000,000

Plaintiff carpenter amputated three fingers with an allegedly defective router saw. (Mosser v. Jet Equipment, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

Hip replacement needed
Award: $790,000

A motorcyclist suffered a fractured pelvis, requiring a total hip replacement, as a result of a traffic guard leaving his post at a funeral procession too early. (McCord v. Semenyuk, Sacramento County Superior Court.)

Dental malpractice
Award: Defense

A patient claimed that her dentist negligently performed cosmetic repair of her teeth with porcelain veneers. (Andrews v. Medbery, Los Angeles County Superior Court.)

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