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New edition of CodeSearch U.S. Laws released

EdTech Associates, developers of CodeSearch, has released the 1999 edition of CodeSearch United States Laws. The new edition contains all U.S. laws including those in effect as of Jan. 15, 1999.

CodeSearch is the definitive searchable CD-ROM edition of United States Law. It alleviates the problem of the U.S. Code being three years out of date, forcing attorneys to search in three different places to be sure of locating all pertinent law. The single CodeSearch CD contains the entire U.S. Code, all later uncodified statutes, and the chronological legislative history of every code section. CodeSearch puts all U.S. laws on your desktop or laptop; there's no need to connect to online services.

CodeSearch United States Laws 1999 works on all versions of Windows and is available for $119. For more information, contact EdTech Associates at 1-800/852-5977 or visit their web site at

Westlaw posts Microsoft trial transcripts

Did Microsoft have the right to add a web browser to its Windows operating system? What will executives from Netscape, Apple, IBM, Sun Microsystems and American Online say about Microsoft's competitive practices? Turn to Westlaw to read trial transcripts as Judge Thomas Jackson hears U.S. v. Microsoft Corp. The Westlaw Microsoft Trial Transcripts (MICROSOFT-TRANS) database provides transcripts of each day's proceedings.

Analysis and discussion of the case in newspapers and other publications also is available through the ALLNEWS and ALLNEWS Plus databases.

New resource for ethics

California attorneys have an alternative resource to turn to when legal ethics issues arise. The Rutter Group California Practice Guide - Professional Responsibility is the legal industry's first practice guide to professional responsibility, giving practitioners quick, dependable answers to the difficult questions posed in this rapidly evolving field.

The practice guide provides clear, concise explanations of all relevant provisions of the California State Bar Act and the Rules of Professional Conduct. Included are citations to relevant case law and State Bar Court and county bar ethics opinions as well as practice pointers, legal forms and expert analysis of unresolved issues.

The guide is a thorough, practice-oriented treatment of legal ethics issues that confront California lawyers on a daily basis, including advertising and solicitation, conflicts of interest, attorney fees and fee agreements, confidentiality and attorney-client privilege, handling entrusted funds and property, and disciplinary proceedings.

Written by Paul Vapneck, Mark Tuft, Ellen Peck and Justice Howard Weiner, the guide is available in two print volumes for $179 or on CD-ROM for $11 a month. To receive more information or place an order, call West Group at 1-800/762-5272, or visit its web site at

O'Connor's Federal Forms interactive drafting system introduced

Matthew Bender & Co. Inc., a leading publisher of legal analysis and research information, announced the release of Authority O'Connor's Federal Forms Interactive Drafting System (IDS). This user-friendly, time-efficient automated document assembly forms program includes more than 400 federal forms for use in all phases of litigation.

IDS allows attorneys and legal professionals to quickly and easily research, draft and produce federal litigation forms. Preparing forms for all phases of litigation is streamlined through the HotDocs 5.0 series, which engages quick and efficient document drafting by reducing time spent cutting, pasting, retyping and proofreading.

The comprehensive selection of documents included in O'Connor's Federal Forms IDS will provide users with forms for motions, orders, responses, defenses, answers, etc.

Suitable for network installation, the system is compatible with Windows applications and contains HotDocs software.

For additional information, call Matthew Bender at 1-800/223-1940 or visit

New CD-ROM helps lawyers with evidence

Evidentiary Foundations: Proven Strategies and Techniques, Practising Law Institute's new interactive, multimedia CD-ROM, provides attorneys with complete legal and technical guidance on how to lay the proper foundation for the admission of various kinds of evidence in evidentiary hearings and at trial.

Evidentiary Foundations, the latest program from The Interactive Courtroom training series, was written by noted legal skills trainer Tim Hallahan, director of the Advocacy Skills Program at Stanford Law School.

For more information, call PLI at 650/324-1827 or 1-800/373-1829, or e-mail to

Contingency settlement calculations made easy

Attorneys who are paid on a contingent basis can now take advantage of ProLaw Software's namesake matter management, billing and accounting program through an upgrade to its Settlement Worksheet.

The upgrade gives plaintiff's lawyers the ability to calculate the true meaning of a settlement offer immediately, thereby increasing the speed of settlement and decreasing the amount of time spent in settlement negotiations.

When an attorney using ProLaw is offered a settlement and puts that dollar amount into the Settlement Worksheet, ProLaw calculates all factors involved in order to give an instant analysis of the net amount due to the client.

Factors that figure into contingent cases include all costs the law firm has incurred in the case, the percentage of the contingency fee, whether costs are deducted before or after fees, the amount of any co-counsel fees and any liens that might apply.

For more information, call 1-800/PROLAW, e-mail or visit

Custom index tabs offered

If you use index tabs to organize your files and the pre-packaged tabs don't suit your needs, Bindertek has a solution: Custom Tabs.

Customers tell the company what they want the tabs to say and what colors and sizes they want, and Bindertek will custom print tabs to those specifications.

For information and pricing, call 1-800/456-3453 or visit

New video and data conferencing system from Sony

Sony Electronics has introduced a video and data conferencing system that integrates the best features of a traditional group system with PC-based data sharing. The TriniCom Digital Meeting System features high-quality videoconferencing and data collaboration in a lightweight design that transforms a personal or notebook computer into a comprehensive communication tool in minutes.

With a suggested retail price starting at less than $3,000, the Digital Meeting System offers real-time, face-to-face communication as well as the ability to collaborate on projects using all the applications and data on the user's existing computer.

The system is designed to run independently from the PC, so users do not have to install or integrate additional hardware onto their computers.

The system will be available in June from authorized Sony videoconferencing resellers.

More information can be found at or by calling 1-800/686-SONY.