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Pit bull attacks child
Award: $39,083

A pit bull terrier kept on the premises of a Chula Vista liquor store attacked a girl and her father in the parking lot (Valdez v. Shaba, San Diego County Superior Court).

Brawl at House of Blues
Award: Defense

A patron at the House of Blues nightclub in West Hollywood claimed that security guards pushed him over a wall (Porterfield v. House of Blues, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Job applicant fails color vision test
Award: $307,000

This case involving the applicability and interpretation of the ADA to color vision is one of first impression (Diffey v. Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Riverside County Superior Court).

Diabetic's leg amputated
Award: $350,000

Plaintiffs claimed a diabetic's treating physician failed to aggressively treat his foot lesion, resulting in below-the-knee amputation (King v. Mandilawi, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Secret sales hurt business
Award: $715,000

Defendants secretly sold brakes at a discount to plaintiff's competitor after promising plaintiff the maximum volume discount (Specialized Clutch & Brake of Stockton Inc. v. United Brake Systems Inc., Alameda County Superior Court).

Lender claims appraiser commits malpractice
Award: Defense

A lender claimed a real estate appraiser's report on multi-unit property contained misrepresentations and omissions (First Franklin Financial Corp. v. Nicholson & Co., Santa Cruz County Superior Court).

Pregnancy occurs after tubal ligation
Award: Defense

A mother of three claimed that her physician fell below the standard of care in performing a sterilization procedure (Green v. Shea, Solano County Superior Court).

Start-up fraud claimed
Award: $324,373

The person hired to serve as president misrepresented his background/degrees and took money and property from the corporation (Videa Inc. v. Bergmann, Orange County Superior Court).

Practical joke causes fall
Award: Defense

A teenager told to "step out on the deck" for a cigarette fell 14 feet to the sidewalk because the deck had dry rot and had been removed (Johnson v. Feger, San Mateo County Superior Court).

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