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Paper roll kills worker
Award: $3,243,500

A heavy roll of paper fell from the open door of a boxcar and killed the warehouse worker unloading the shipment (Salazar v. Fraser Paper Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Caltrans employee harassed
Award: $500,000

Caltrans failed to prevent sexual harassment and plaintiff suffered retaliation from employees and supervisors (Walters v. State of California, Department of Trans-portation (Caltrans), Alameda County Superior Court).

Neurosurgeon malpractice
Award: $661,888

A neurosurgeon's failure to perform a bone graft on a boat accident victim resulted in curvature of her spine (Saylor v. Oygar, Riverside County Superior Court).

Blowout causes rollover
Award: $12,858,000

The blowout of a worn tire on a church van caused the vehicle to roll over and injure an ejected passenger (Fuller v. Greater Bethany Community Church, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Pump hose hits worker
Award: $340,000

The metal hose end of a concrete pump flew up and injured a worker's face, teeth and jaws (Marx v. J.R. Concrete Pumping, San Diego County Superior Court).

Firm awarded lost profits
Award: $1,256,000

A herb company lost profits while defending against third-party claims after a warehouse fire (Insurance Co. of North America v. Fmali Herb Company Inc., Santa Cruz County Superior Court).

Gardener's legs crushed
Award: $1,817,000

During heavy fog, a driver veered into a gardener unloading equipment from the back of his truck (Acosta v. Jeong, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Teen-ager shoots friend
Award: Defense

No liability was found against the maker of the Beretta handgun involved in the accidental shooting of a 15-year-old (Dix v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp., Alameda County Superior Court).

Truck crashes into home
Award: Defense

A child claimed that she suffered severe emotional upset as a result of a defendant's truck crashing into her room at 6:30 a.m. (Monaco v. Haskell, San Joaquin County Superior Court).

Fund manager defamed
Award: $975,500

A fund manager claimed he was libeled in a union publication and slandered at a union function (Lawrence v. District Council of Painters No. 8, San Francisco County Superior Court).

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