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OK...heads, we stand on principle, tails, we go for the win...

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Headline on Supreme Court's MCLE ruling clearly irks reader

Why the big celebratory headlines in the California Bar Journal (October) about the revival of MCLE?

The bar stubbornly pursued the reimposition of an insulting burden that California's attorneys have said again and again that we don't want.

Just because the Supreme Court said it was permissible didn't mean that the bar had to do it.

Once again "our" bar has flicked aside the wishes of its members. Why is this cause for celebration?

Mark Leinwand
Agoura Hills

Celebration, like beauty, must be in the eye of the beholder.

Unabashed support for private pro bono and Elwood Lui for the high court

If the bar spent more time seeking out, encouraging and developing pro bono programs such as the privately maintained ones described in the October California Bar Journal (1999 Honors - State Bar cites pro bono service), perhaps more lawyers would be interested in its efforts to free itself from the reef on which it crashed itself.

It's also my belief that if it weren't for the sensible hand of Judge Elwood Lui, the bar might not be now, since it was Lui who kept the organization's last vital function on life support. Members owe him either a great debt of gratitude or a long pondering gaze.

Regardless of this reserved judgment, Lui has proven, once again, that he deserves a seat on the supreme court. Next crisis, please just hand him the whole thing. He's parsimonious, incredibly efficient and the only person who kept me on board during the bar's crisis.

Michael Malak

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No, sir... it would only be extortion if he tried to do this without an attorney

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MCLE tests foster taker's resentment

I don't think there is any benefit to lawyers in MCLE tests. They only waste a lawyer's time and money.

I resent being forced to study or attend classes in order to learn about drugs, harassment, bias and similar subjects that will never help or improve those who really need help or improvement but don't want to be helped or improved.

True professionals should not be treated like children. They are usually self-starters and should be allowed to use their time and talents as they see fit.

Eugene C. Peck