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Pedestrian rendered quadriplegic
Award: $3,750,000

A Toyota pickup truck struck a pedestrian who was stepping off a median to cross the street (Kaimowitz v. Spiess, San Diego County Superior Court).

Malpractice results in loss of plaintiff's eye
Award: $825,418

An ophthalmologist's failure to treat plaintiff's endophthalmitis resulted in the loss of her aphakic left eye (Lam v. Quon, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Raw land seller/broker defames competitor
Award: $1,000,000

The sellers/brokers of raw land claimed they lost sales because of defamatory statements made about them by their competitor (Roland v. Velur, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Gas kills oil field workers
Award: $2,611,360

Oil field workers trying to close an open valve at a wellhead died when they were overcome by toxic gases (Hoskins v. Vintage Petroleum Inc., Ventura County Superior Court).

Nurse manager fired after complaining
Award: $540,000

A nurse manager claimed wrongful termination in violation of public policy when she was fired after complaining about possible violations of law (Listrom v. Columbia-San Leandro Hospital, Alameda County Superior Court).

Bad faith found on earthquake claim
Award: $12,260,000

An insurer that denied a homeowners' claim for earthquake damage was found liable for compensatory and punitive damages (Pomerantz v. Mid-Century Insurance Co., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Salesman slips in drive
Award: $627,750

A real estate salesman slipped and fell on a concrete driveway of a home he was showing to a prospective customer (Rappaport v. Sasson, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Mailbox injures carrier
Award: $700,000

A mail carrier injured his shoulder when a large mailbox fell and pulled him to the ground (Del Campo v. Monge, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Transsexual claims unlawful strip search
Award: $755,000

A post-operative transsexual woman claimed an unlawful strip search to confirm her gender after an arrest (Schneider v. City and County of San Francisco, Northern District Federal Court).

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