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Civil Liberties

Supreme Court focused on fairness
The most important theme of the just-completed Supreme Court term is that process matters. Many of the term’s most significant cases involved issues concerning how the government may treat individuals. (An analysis by Professor Erwin Chemerinsky)

Five win election to State Bar board;
CYLA taps Diaz again

Five lawyers will take a seat on the State Bar Board of Governors in October after winning three-year terms last month. After two years in which no women won seats in regular elections, which prompted some governors to make an all-out pitch for female candidates, three women won their races this year.

Attorneys with disabilities face tough job market
More than a decade after the Americans With Disabilities Act became law, California lawyers with disabilities say they routinely face discrimination, either cannot find jobs or are underemployed, and have difficulty finding part-time work or obtaining the accommodations they need to work effectively.

New ethics rule clarifies confidentiality exception
California became the last state in the country last month to modify its duty of attorney-client confidentiality with a new rule that permits lawyers to disclose potential criminal acts by a client that may cause bodily harm or death.

5,000-plus lawyers may lose their bar cards
More than 5,000 California lawyers face the possible loss of their license to practice as a result of not complying with continuing education requirements or not paying their bar dues. As of last month, 3,599 lawyers had not paid their dues and another 2,295 had not completed MCLE requirements.


An Olympic moment for Los Angeles sports lawyer
As an arbitrator at the Athens Olympics, Los Angeles sports marketing attorney Maidie Oliveau has more than a passing interest in the BALCO doping scandal, which could be an issue at the 2004 summer games. But despite all the publicity and controversy about the possible use by elite athletes of performance-enhancing drugs, the Southern California lawyer is determined not to prematurely take a position on any aspect of BALCO.

Ethics update
Highlights of recent developments in attorney professional responsibility, including new cases, advisory ethics opinions, pending legislation and proposed rule amendments.

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