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Billable hours 'intersect' with
the profession's woes

Diane Faber lived the big law firm life: representing glamorous, high-profile clients in the entertainment industry; working days, nights and weekends with brilliant, demanding legal minds; writing briefs and arguments in her head no matter where she was, and earning the bonuses, perks and choice of cases that come with meeting the minimum billable-hour requirement.

Bank of America boosts its interest rate on IOLTA accounts
The Bank of America, California's largest bank and the holder of 20 percent of the state's lawyer trust accounts, reached agreement with the State Bar last month to comply immediately with a new state law that boosts interest on IOLTA accounts.

Bar dues must be paid by Feb. 1 to avoid a late penalty
All California attorneys, active and inactive, must pay their annual State Bar fees by the statutory due date of Feb. 1. If fees are not paid online or postmarked by that date, a late payment charge — $100 for active lawyers and $30 for inactive members — will be assessed.

Judicial Council, ABA House need volunteers
The State Bar is seeking applicants for two positions on the Judicial Council and six positions in the ABA House of Delegates. The deadline for applications is Feb. 1.

Prosecutors want tighter rules for discipline diversion program
Attempting to tighten rules governing its discipline diversion program for attorneys with addiction or mental health problems, a State Bar committee has recommended a series of changes to restrict eligibility for the program.

Bar foundation launches diversity scholarship for first-year students
The California Bar Foundation announced last month that it will launch a new diversity scholarship program to help bolster the numbers of people from diverse backgrounds entering the legal profession.

Board committee approves another version of insurance disclosure rule
Lawyers will have to tell clients that they do not carry malpractice insurance only if they provide more than four hours of representation under the newest disclosure rule proposed by a committee of the State Bar Board of Governors.

Updated ‘18’ will be printed in May
The State Bar's popular When You Become 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers will be up-dated and published again this spring.

2007-08 Exhibitor Directory
The businesses and services listed here support the State Bar through various means, most notably as exhibitors at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. Visit them online or via phone to serve your individual needs.

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