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Court budget is a work in progress
California court officials, faced with a nearly $70 million proposed reduction in their budget, are meeting with state financial planners to head off cutbacks they fear could cause layoffs and reduced hours in the courts.

Justice Earl Johnson

'Judicial giant' honored as architect of legal services
Lyndon Johnson was president. The War on Poverty was just around the corner. And Earl Johnson Jr., a young Justice Department lawyer prosecuting organized crime, was about to take a career turn that would help open the American legal system to a section of the populace that had long been shut out.

Advice from one who failed bar exam 47 times:
Try again, again and again

For those 3,940 lawyers who failed last July's bar exam, Maxcy Filer has some advice: Try, try, again. And again and again and again and...

New help for limited scope representation
Attorneys wishing to represent clients in a limited way in family law matters now have available to them a variety of forms to ensure that they and their clients agree on the scope of representation.

Arizona lawyer who wants to vote in State Bar elections
takes his case to the Supreme Court

An Arizona lawyer who also is a member of the California bar and wants to vote in its board of governors elections is trying to take his case to the state's highest court.

Kids & the Law will be reprinted in May; Order now
The State Bar's popular consumer education brochure, Kids & The Law: An A-to-Z Guide for Parents, will be updated, and reprinted May 1.

Two named to Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame;
Guilford wins top Orange County honor

Two prominent San Francisco lawyers will be inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame by the State Bar's Litigation Section in April.

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