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Bridging the worlds of neuroscience
and the law

An Iowa scientist claims his “brain fingerprinting” has caught a serial killer and exonerated a man falsely convicted of murder. A San Diego CEO says his “No Lie MRI” can prove defendants’ innocence. A Massachusetts company boasts of offering “breakthrough deception detection.” All very tantalizing, respond some scientists and legal scholars. But also a bit premature.

Judicial Council proposes new electronic discovery rules
In a world where more than 93 percent of all communications are digital and electronic discovery has driven up the costs of litigation, the California Judicial Council is proposing new statutes and rules that address production of electronically stored information.

Lawyers can avoid discipline by reporting adverse actions or events
As the administrative arm of the California Supreme Court in matters relating to the admission and discipline of attorneys, the State Bar’s Office of the Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC) is charged with the investigation and prosecution of complaints against California attorneys..

90 percent paid their bar dues on time
Nearly 90 percent of California’s attorneys paid their 2008 State Bar membership dues by the statutory deadline of Feb. 1, up from 87 percent in 2007 and markedly up from 73 percent in 2006.

2007- 08 Exhibitor Directory
The businesses and services listed here support the State Bar through various means, most notably as exhibitors at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. Visit them online or via phone to serve your individual needs.

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