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Progress of a Scam

Embarrassed lawyers fall victim
to Internet scams

Internet scammers have found a new and sometimes vulnerable target: American lawyers. And some take the bait. “I didn’t have my radar high enough to see what was going on,” says one chagrined Long Beach lawyer who entered into an agreement with a bogus client and went so far as to send $193,000 from his client trust account to a Hong Kong bank because he believed a cashier’s check he had received from a well-known financial institution was good.

Economic woes hit attorneys and courts
If you think gas prices are high, wait until you have to pay a parking ticket or go to traffic school. Under a bill pending in the state Assembly, penalties for those infractions will more than double, and filing fees in civil cases and penalties in criminal convictions also will rise.

Bar dues bill goes to Senate
The State Bar fee bill, requiring that active attorneys pay annual dues of $410 next year, was expected to be considered by the full Senate late last month. It was approved by the Assembly earlier.

Misconduct charges for 3 prosecutors
In three disciplinary cases pending before the State Bar Court, current or former deputy district attorneys are charged with committing acts of moral turpitude and disobeying the law. The bar alleges that two of those charged withheld exculpatory evidence.

State Bar Foundation seeks board members
The California Bar Foundation is seeking applications for several positions on its board of directors for terms beginning Jan. 1. Attorneys, judges and members of the public who have an interest in the foundation’s charitable mission, who have previous board, public or community service, and/or who are knowledgeable about charitable fundraising are invited to apply.

Hundreds face suspension for not paying dues or complying with MCLE
As of June 15, more than 4,000 lawyers faced losing their license to practice law for failing to pay their annual State Bar dues. Another 2,000 had not submitted their MCLE compliance and also faced suspension July 1.

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