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New State Bar President, Anthony Capozzi

Quiet but determined, new bar chief Capozzi
rolls up his sleeves

When Anthony Capozzi was growing up in Buffalo, he loved visits from an uncle who was an attorney with the Department of Justice. "He'd tell me about his cases," Capozzi recalled recently. "I loved the way he dressed, with a great topcoat. I said, 'God, what an image.' I thought it would be exciting to be a lawyer and try a case."

J. Clark Kelso

To err is human, to defer sublime
Courts are not the center of government's policy-making apparatus. In our system of representative government, it is the legislature that is primarily charged with making policy choices, the executive branch implements those choices, and the judicial branch is responsible for applying those choices in the resolution of individual disputes except when constitutional boundaries are crossed.

Robert Raven

Witkin award for 'legal giant' Robert Raven
A small woman attorney, less than five feet tall, stood at a podium nearly a decade ago and faced a large crowd assembled to honor longtime San Francisco lawyer Robert Raven. She pointed around the room at various attorneys and judges. No one in the legal bar, she insisted, had done what Raven did to provide opportunities for young lawyers and, especially, for women.

Robert Cohen

'Idea man' wins bar's top honor
Attorney Robert J. Cohen helped set up a network of legal services programs for senior citizens when such services were in short supply.

Courts launch Spanish language self-help Web site
The California courts have launched a website offering free legal information for self-represented Spanish-speaking litigants, who make up a large portion of the estimated 4.3 million people who represent themselves in court each year.

Board OKs budget; avoids deficit
By a vote of 17-1, the State Bar Board of Governors adopted a nearly $100 million budget that incorporates a series of steps designed to avoid a potential $4.6 million deficit in the coming year. In addition to laying off 18 employees and shifting revenue among different funds, the board is relying on an ongoing search for non-dues revenue and a prospective change in its fee collection to help offset anticipated shortfalls.

Curtis B. Danning

Bar salutes longtime members
Curtis B. Danning, 82, a graduate of UCLA's first law school class, received a proclamation from State Bar President James Herman recognizing his 50 years of practice.

2003 Online Exhibit Hall
Welcome to the 2003 Online Exhibit Hall. The businesses and services listed here support the State Bar through various means, most notably as exhibitors at the State Bar’s Annual Meeting. Visit them online or via phone to serve your individual needs.

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