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Guard dogs bite man
Award: $201,634

A truck driver claimed that guard dogs at a used car lot bit his face through the fence (Rodriguez v. Cachanilla Auto Sales, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Volunteer worker falls
Award: $1,500,000

A volunteer worker at a church school construction project fell from the roof and died from a closed head injury (Bierly v. Grace Christian School, Orange County Superior Court).

Car bursts into flames
Award: $107,632,220

A 1979 Chevrolet Malibu burst into flames and the occupants were severely burned when the car was rear-ended (Anderson v. General Motors Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Job recruiter injured
Award: $20,690,536

An executive search recruiter claimed that injuries sustained in a  rear-ender prevented her from performing at her previous job level (Zivic v. Winterland Productions Inc., San Francisco County Superior Court).

Skier hits tree
Award: $9,865,668

A skier who hit a tree and injured his left arm claimed he was trying to avoid an unmarked snow hydrant (Mendez v. Bear Mountain Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Utility service cut off
Award: Defense

An elderly retiree died from heat exposure a week after her utility service was disconnected for nonpayment (Gump v. Southern California Edison, River-side County Superior Court).

Subdivision roofs leak
Award: $499,910

Single-family homeowners claimed that a roofing company negligently constructed their roofs (Francis v. W.L. Canning Roofing, San Diego County Superior Court).

Racial profiling claimed
Award: Defense

Plaintiffs claimed that CHP officers pursued their car on the freeway, causing an accident, due to racial profiling of the occupants (Boyd v. State of California (CHP), Alameda County Superior Court).

Attorney car rear-ended
Award: $1,879,020

A trial attorney allegedly sustained brain damage and impaired function as a result of a rear-end collision (Galardi v. Rufino, Orange County Superior Court).

Student injured at fair
Award: Defense

A student claimed negligent condition of public property after she fell at a science fair and broke off her two front teeth (Silva v. City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco County Superior Court).

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