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Dogs escape, attack woman
Award: $25,000

 Two Labrador retrievers escaped from their yard and attacked a woman and her dogs in her backyard (Darcey v. Paul, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Nursing malpractice claim
Award: $1,485,000

 A patient claimed her critical care nurse was negligent regarding a swollen and painful leg (Ramirez v. Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Dental practice buyer sues
Award: $1,318,680

 The purchaser of a dental practice claimed that it was built on medical fraud, capping and steering (Dezham v. Azizi, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Outlet mall shopper falls
Award: Defense

 A woman suffered a fractured hip when she slipped on a reflective dot marking a crosswalk at a mall (Wolfe v. Chelsea Realty Partners, Ventura County Superior Court).

Illegal firing claimed
Award: $2,662,720

 An Oracle employee claimed she was terminated in violation of public policy and in retaliation for complaints (Baratta v. Oracle Corporation, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Special ed student drowns
Award: $4,250,000

A special education student at Hollywood High School drowned during a mandatory P.E. class (Arce v. Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Patient not told of risk
Award: Defense

 A patient claimed she was not advised of the risk of perforation of the esophagus (Bjornsen v. Hansen, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Yacht crew member hurt
Award: $5,972,000

A crew member delivering a yacht to Fiji was injured when he was thrown from a dinghy that crashed into another yacht (Marmol v. Adela Corporation, San Diego County Superior Court).

Shopper slips at Wal-Mart
Award: $80,000

A customer claimed she slipped on a small greasy spot upon entering the Wal-Mart in Highland (Wagner v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Tummy Tuck Negligence
Award: Defense

A patient claimed that defendants’ malpractice caused her to develop kidney failure (Wiener v. Bunkis, Contra Costa County Superior Court).

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