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Motorcyclist killed
Award: $1,000,000

Plaintiffs claimed that their husband/father was killed when his motorcycle collided with a tractor-trailer making a U-turn. (Tapia v. Faguaro Transport & Storage, Fresno County Superior Court).

Patient loses vision
Award: $125,000

Plaintiff claimed that an inadvertent iridectomy during a corneal transplant led to permanent lost vision in her left eye. (Doe v. Roe, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Student paralyzed in crash
Award: $5,159,644

An unbelted teen-age passenger who was rendered paraplegic prevailed against both defendant driver and defendant county and settled post-verdict for $1,725,000. (Mitchell v. Blanchard, San Diego County Superior Court).

Inheritance lost
Award: $1,025,000

Plaintiff claimed that he lost his inheritance as a result of defendants' malpractice in drafting estate planning documents for plaintiff's aunt. (Phillips v. Kaplan, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Whistleblower demoted
Award: $125,000

An educational consultant claimed the California Department of Education demoted him after he reported that the CDE failed to investigate and correct suspected misappropriations of $5 million in Title I funds. (Garcia v. California Department of Education, Sacramento County Superior Court).

Dead Kennedys sue
Award: $199,284

Three members of the punk rock group Dead Kennedys sued the fourth member, "Jello Biafra," for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims. (Dead Kennedys v. Jello Biafra, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Bus injures pedestrian
Award: $5,226,562

Plaintiff pedestrian was struck by a bus in a crosswalk and suffered extensive cognitive deficits as a result. (Prendergast v. Golden Gate Transit, Marin County Superior Court).

Defective BBQ grill sold
Award: $225,000

Plaintiff claimed that a barbecue grill sold via infomercial was defective and caused a severe burn to his hand. (Confidential v. Confidential, San Diego County Superior Court).

Retiree fractures shoulder
Award: $130,331

An 80-year-old woman tripped over a flatbed cart at Costco which was hidden from view behind a pillar. (Gold v. Costco, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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