Software offers links, interactivity

New link software

Amicus Attorney's practice management program and PC LAW's accounting software can now be joined together using the new Amicus<=>PC LAW Link software. The software automatically transmits key information from one application to the other, eliminating redundant data entry.

Time entries captured in Amicus Attorney are automatically posted into the appropriate file in PC LAW or PC LAWjr for billing. In addition, basic matter and file information entered in one application, such as client numbers, lawyer, open date, type of law, and client name and address, instantly appears in the other.

PC LAW and PC LAWjr combine time entry, billing, check writing, accounts receivable and disbursement accounting, general ledger, trust accounting and management reporting into one integrated program. Amicus Attorney, published by Gavel & Gown Software, integrates a calendar, daily report, case/file manager, time sheets, contact index and phone dialer.

The Amicus<=>PC LAW Link is available at a suggested retail price of $150. For more information, contact Ron Plashkes at Alumni Computer Group at 1-800/387-9785.

Interactive courtroom

Jurilink International Corp. has released JuriLink Interactive, a PC-based software that offers complete document imaging, database management and several interactive presentation tools for the courtroom.

Using Jurilink Interactive software, the user can scan or import documents, photographs, graphics or video animation into the computer, and then build a database of exhibits. After building an exhibit list (for each day or for each witness), the lawyer can organize a dynamic in-court, custom presentation. A Split Screen function allows side-by-side comparisons of two exhibits to be viewed at once.

The program runs in Windows 95. A free demo CD-ROM is available from the company by calling Camille Irvin at 1-888/946-9446.

Secure cyberspace storage

Virtual Repository is a new Internet-based service which offers the legal community a secure cyberspace location to store and retrieve private documents. Accessible from anywhere in the world using a computer with Internet access, Virtual Repository users can search, print, add and edit documents online.

The system utilizes Netscape's encryption security feature which keeps documents confidential and safe. Access, with user name and password, is easy and available 24 hours a day.

For further information, call Sandy Tronier at Integrated Internet Solutions Inc. at 303/290-0809 or check out the company's web site at

Court rules published

West Publishing has released two new publications -- Southern California Local Court Rules-Superior and Municipal Courts and Bay Area Local Court Rules-Superior and Municipal Courts.

Both one-volume publications are designed for reference use in the courtroom and office, consolidating local rules and fee schedules of the state trial courts. The Southern California rules book covers courts in Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The Bay Area book covers Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties.

Publication contents are arranged by county in alphabetical order. These California superior and municipal court rule books are part of a larger court rules set that currently includes California Rules of Court, State and Federal; and Los Angeles County Court Rules-Superior and Municipal. West also publishes Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules and Federal Criminal Code and Rules.

For more information, call Jennifer Moire at 1-800/778-8090.

Witkin web site

The Witkin Legal Institute and Bancroft-Whitney have created the Witkin Legal Institute Web Site located at

Designed to provide practitioners with highlights of recent developments in California law, the site includes information about the four treatises that comprise the Witkin Library; information about the Witkin Legal Institute; a listing of current institute activities; legal research tips and techniques; and links to other useful legal and government resources available on the World Wide Web.

The Institute was created in February 1996 as a legacy to B.E. Witkin's lifelong commitment to providing a simple, clear and concise exposition of California law.

Document annotation

Gigatron Software Corp. has introduced its Note It! software for annotating computer documents and files. Note It!, priced at $99, is designed to reduce office paper and allows users to mark up, revise and highlight documents without altering the original.

For more information, call Susan Sawyer at Gigatron at 1-800/999-9199.

Gravity Inc. has released SeQuel, a litigation support software written for Windows 95 and NT. The program utilizes the company's legal and technical expertise in providing a system which can manage all evidence produced in a lawsuit.

Features include multi-tasking, which allows the program to complete one task while starting another, and imaging capabilities which allow the user to scan information onto a CD disk and load directly onto a computer. Other features include "Explorer"-type user interface, full-text search capabilities, user-defined integrated database, "drop and drag" outliner, integrated image viewing, and witness, party and service list tracking.

Priced at $995 per user, SeQuel is available in both single-user and network configurations. For more information, contact Susan Loving at 1-800/324-5787. For a download demonstration version, visit the Gravity Inc. homepage at

BytePro Inc. has introduced a new software called Time & Profit for Windows, which automates record-keeping requirements for time-billing professionals. The software combines a contact manager, a calendar/scheduler, a time and billing manager and full-featured double entry accounting system in one program allowing the user to spend less time on record-keeping and more time on billable work.

The user can select pre-defined billing rates or enter a custom one-time rate according to individual client/attorney arrangements. In addition, bills can be customized to suit each practice or client eliminating the need for costly pre-printed forms.

Time & Profit 1.0 for Windows retails for $269. It runs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and is available on 3.5" disks, 5.25" HD disks and CD-ROM. For more information, call Brad Wendland at 714/622-0884.

DepotNet has added a new service to its network called Professional Legal Videographers Network (PLVN). Legal professionals can dial, at no charge, 1-800/866-9090 to find professional videographers for services anywhere.

DepotNet developed the service based on the growing relationship between video and court reporting. In addition to having depositions or other proceedings recorded stenographically, many attorneys choose to have them videotaped. Also, video is now widely used for settlement brochures, documentaries and demonstrative evidence.

DepotNet provides legal professionals with a reliable, quality-assured source of more than 500 legal support services worldwide. For further information about PLVN or other DepotNet services, contact Jason Wegmet at 1-800/866-0130.