Founding members to be cited

Law firms pledging to support the goal of promoting full and equal participation of legal professionals with disabilities will be recognized by the State Bar as "founding signatories" at a Sept. 6 ceremony.

According to Gail Kaplan, chair of the bar's committee on legal professionals with disabilities, law firms must sign up for the pledge program by Aug. 15 in order to qualify for the founding member distinction.

The pledge program asks lawyers, judges and law schools to support the spirit of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act within the legal community.

Call Kaplan at 310/820-2900 for more information.

Wilson signs law altering 'baby bar'

Gov. Pete Wilson has signed a bill, SB 1950, which gives students at unaccredited law schools three consecutive attempts to pass the "baby bar" exam without losing credit for their first-year studies.

Unlike students at accredited schools, those at unaccredited law schools in the state are required to pass the baby bar to receive credit for their first year of study.

Previously, students who passed on the third attempt might lose credit for one year of study.

The new law will take effect Jan. 1, 1997.