Chevy Blazer rollover results in broken neck
Award: $15,000,000

An 18-year-old student alleged that the S-10 Chevy Blazer was not crashworthy due to a weak roof and lax occupant restraint system. General Motors contended that the driver was the sole cause of the accident and neck injury (Lambert v. General Motors Corporation, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

City manager says mayor sexually harassed her
Award: $1,296,000

Concord's former city manager alleged that the former mayor sexually harassed her and then retaliated when she complained. The mayor denied all allegations and contended they were made to remove him as mayor (Hardin v. City of Concord, Northern District Federal Court).

Woman says trucking firm, K-mart caused disk injury
Award: $619,522

A woman claimed a disk herniation resulting from a rear-end accident with a truck and a slip-and-fall in K-mart. Both the trucking company and store disputed the cause and the injuries (Seieroe v. Onello Trucking, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Window installer injured in three-story tumble
Award: $3,057,241

A carpenter alleged that scaffolding gave way because another worker had removed an inside brace and claimed fractured ankles, feet and spine. The owners and general contractor contended that plaintiff made and chose his own scaffolding (Kuhlman v. Phoenix Custom Services Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Woman killed after car hits breakaway guardrail
Award: $1,500,000

An office manager was killed when her car struck the end post and breakaway terminal of a guardrail. The State of California contended proper breakaway of the end post (Johnson v. State of California, Santa Barbara County Superior Court).

Tenant scalded in bathtub
Award: $951,405

A woman was burned when she collapsed into a bathtub and reached for the hot water knob to steady herself. She claimed the apartment manager had set the water temperature at an unsafe setting (Calon v. Surabian, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Market owner, children allege legal malpractice
Award: $900,000

A market owner and his children claimed an attorney's actions in the underlying case involving the death of their wife and mother constituted malpractice. The attorney contended all actions were within the standard of care (Lim v. Scott, Orange County Superior Court).

Male workers claim retaliation
Award: Defense

Two male loan representatives claimed CalFed retaliated against them for complaining about sexual harassment by a female employee. CalFed claimed an appropriate response to the harassment and no retaliation (Furuto v. California Federal Bank, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Bus passenger claims injuries
Award: Defense

A Golden Gate Transit bus passenger claimed he was injured in a collision between the bus and a car. The car's driver contended no liability and disputed plaintiff's injuries (Allen v. Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District, San Francisco County Superior Court).

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