[MCLE Self-Assessment Test]

MCLE Self-Assessment Test

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This article is provided solely for research and archival purposes. MCLE self-study credit is no longer available. Even if you follow the instructions and submit payment you will not be granted MCLE self-study credit. Please note that low-cost MCLE is provided by the California Lawyers Association, pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 6056.

Answer the following questions after reading the article on attorneys' fees. Use the answer form provided to send the test, along with a $20 processing fee, to the State Bar. Please allow at least eight weeks for MCLE certificates to reach you in the mail.

1. A person is not considered to be driving under the influence if:

2. A study done by the National Justice Institute found:

3. It was illegal to possess Rohypnol in the United States before Jan. 1, 1997.

4. Rohypnol, an exception to the federal scheduled scheme, is classified federally as a Schedule I drug, although it has some accepted medical uses.

5. Controlled substances listed in state schedules must parallel the federal scheduling categories.

6. The California Business & Professions Code defines a "dangerous drug" as those drugs enumerated under Schedule I in California's Health and Safety Code.

7. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved GHB for any type of use in the United States.

8. GHB is:

9. Schedule V drugs are those drugs that have:

10. The definition of a drug under the California Vehicle Code includes:

11. The definition used by the U.S. Department of Transportation includes chemical synthetic substances.

12. Most drug-related deaths result from illicit drug use.

13. Flunitrazepam is:

14. Methcathinone:

15. Rohypnol is:

16. Rohypnol and GHB are similar because both drugs:

17. Of all the scheduled drugs in the federal system, Schedule V drugs impose the harshest penalties.

18. Rohypnol can cause retrograde amnesia and affect a rape victim's ability to recall the events of a crime.

19. It is a federal crime to manufacture GHB and transport it for the purposes of sales under FDA rules.

20. Ephedrine and caffeine are common drug-cutting agents.


This activity has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 1 hour, of which 1 hour will apply to substance abuse.

The State Bar of California certifies that this activity conforms to the standards for approved education activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of the State Bar of California governing minimum continuing legal education.