New Internet listings, witness questioning

Internet list of southern California lawyers

First Legal Resource has introduced a new attorney directory for southern California called findanattorney.com. The directory includes more than 30,000 attorneys listed by city and specialty of law, as well as background information, photographs and profiles.

Findanattorney.com also provides answers to commonly asked legal questions on topics ranging from immigration, bankruptcy and criminal matters to employment and personal injury.

Currently, more than 180 southern California attorney web sites are linked to the directory under "Attorneys on the WWW."

In addition, a monthly newsletter, "Newsline," can be found with articles written by many well-known southern California attorneys. For more information, contact Bradley Spitzer at 714/851-3962, or visit their web site: www.findanattorney.com.

Lower prices on software

Gavel & Gown Software Inc. has reduced pricing of its Amicus Attorney suite of products in order to offer a more affordable entry level software product for sole practitioners and medium-size firms. Users can now configure Amicus Attorney according to their practice needs and budget constraints.

Amicus Attorney Pro -- Lawyer Office has been reduced 25 percent and now sells for $299. The price of Assistant Office, the companion product for legal assistants, is now $149. Amicus Team, which provides a centralized network database for Amicus Attorney Pro users, is now $399, regardless of the number of users.

Amicus Attorney is jurisdiction-independent legal software designed for private practice and corporate legal departments. For more information, contact Wendy Berry at 416/977-6633, ext. 226.

Improve questioning of expert witnesses

Trans-Media has developed a computer simulation to help sharpen the skills required when expert witnesses take the stand. Expert Witness! shares many of the features of TransMedia's Objection!! and Civil Objection!!

The simulated trial includes four levels for each of three expert witnesses, including direct and cross examination. In addition to the authoritative Xplain feature found on TransMedia's other trial games, Expert Witness! provides a chalkboard with strategic comments and tips to help the player understand why questions should or should not be asked.

A professional version (non-CLE certified) sells for $149 and includes a text on testimonial evidence entitled Rules of Evidence for Witness Testimony. The CLE-certified version sells for $299 and includes the text Comprehensive Evidence. It also includes three hours of audio-taped lecture on evidentiary trial strategy.

Users who already own one of TransMedia's other games can purchase Expert Witness! at a discounted price. For more information, call Professional Education Interactive at 1-800/832-4980, ext. 1601.