New Products & Services

WIN-SENSE helps efficient management of phone use

TELS Corp. has developed a new Windows-based telephone call accounting and management software called WIN-SENSE. The software allows firms to efficiently manage their telephone use in controlling expenses, monitoring productivity and generating revenue through accurate client billings.

The software can generate report data to provide information such as extension detail, most expensive phone calls, frequently called area codes and exchange numbers, international calls, date and time, account code detail, longest calls, toll fraud analysis, incoming caller ID reports and many other types of summary reports.

The suggested retail price is $1,495, which includes free technical support calls during the first 30 days. After 30 days, the annual software subscription and maintenance price is $300 per year. This includes unlimited telephone support and at least one major product upgrade per year.

For more information, call Ken Babbs at 1-800/564-9424.

Simple billing software by attorneys, for attorneys

Juno Corp., based in Portland, Ore., has released Billing Software for Attorneys (BSA) in California. BSA was developed by attorneys for attorneys and is designed for law offices that donít want to invest a great deal of time or money to learn how to use billing software.

The software is "millennium ready" and includes timers, spell check, reports, unlimited clients, shortcuts, custom billing formats and built-in trust accounting. BSA uses a Microsoft Access database which gives users unlimited access to their billing data.

The software sells for $299.95. A free working demo version of the program is available by calling 1-800/684-3002.

New software to handle thousands of CDs

Visionary Information Systems Inc., a maker of CD-ROM-based multimedia organization and presentation tools, including Re:Viewer, Sync&Link and Issue-Builder, has announced "The Total Litigation Solution." It is produced in conjunction with Pioneer New Media Technologies and Dataflight Software.

Visionary, a leader in the text-to-video CD-ROM synchronization arena, now has these custom integrations with Pioneerís SCSI jukeboxes and Dataflightís Concordance full text database management system which gives their Re:Viewer software the ability to handle literally thousands of CDs and millions of pages of text or documents.

For further information, contact Dean Di Sandro at Visionary Information Systems, 1-800/668-8889.

Corel WordPerfect upgraded to Suite 8

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 is now available for a suggested retail price of $395. Corel WordPerfect users can upgrade to Suite 8 for $179.

"Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 includes state-of-the-art applications which offer a new level of responsiveness and performance with advanced Internet tools that make publishing and presenting on the web a seamless process," said Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corp.

Also included in the Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 is CorelCENTRAL, the suiteís new personal information manager to be integrated with Netscape Communicator client software, Netscapeís new integrated suite of java-based client software for open e-mail, groupware and web browsing.

For more information or to purchase, call 1-800/77 COREL.

Providing browser-based access for subscribers

Subscribers to WESTLAW PRO and WESTLAW PRO PLUS can, at no extra charge, utilize WESTLAW PRO on the web, which provides subscribers with browser-based WESTLAW access, in addition to more traditional modes such as PREMISE and WESTMATE.

The company says this is the first step toward providing browser-based access for all subscribers. WESTLAW PRO on the web provides portability from home or a clientís office without software installation while maintaining unlimited access to WESTLAW PRO and PRO PLUS databases.

For more information, contact West Group at 1-800/778-8090.

New California Judges Benchbook published

The California Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER) and Bancroft-Whitney have co-published a new volume for the California Judges Benchbook series entitled California Judges Benchbook: Civil Proceedings ó Trial. Authored by Californiaís leading judges, the book offers a "from-the-bench" perspective which sets the CJER Benchbooks apart from other practice books which are written from the point of view of the trial lawyer.

Distributed free to judges throughout the state, the publication advises judges and attorneys on what to look for and how to respond in hundreds of trial practice situations.

Civil Proceedings ó Trial gives attorneys the same checklists and worksheets that the judge is using, alerting them to possible gaps in their presentation. Separate chapters cover what the judge expects of the attorneys during voir dire, the examination of witnesses, the introduction of evidence and argument. The Benchbook helps attorneys to avoid sanctions, contempt citation and mistrial, highlights situations in which judicial practices vary and explains alternatives.

The hardbound publication contains 932 pages and sells for $100. For more information on this and other Benchbook publications, call Bancroft Whitney at 1-800/328-9352.

Am Jur 2d Encyclopedia available on WESTLAW

American Jurisprudence 2d (Am Jur 2d), the 124-volume legal encyclopedia, is now available on WESTLAW. Am Jur 2d analyzes all areas of American law from A to Z with citations to state and federal precedents. Am Jur 2d explains the basics and the intricacies of legal issues with thorough references to relevant cases, statutes, treatises and form books.

On WESTLAW, legal professionals have instant access to referenced cases and can search Am Jur 2d using topics, words, statute citations, or Am Jur 2d section citations. Also included are references to other Am Jur 2d publications, such as Legal Forms, Proof of Facts, Trials, and Pleading and Practice Forms. Desired text can be downloaded or selected for cutting and pasting into documents.

For ordering information, call 1-800/328-7990.

Web-based Legal Education Network

West Group has launched a Web-based legal education service called The West Education Network (TWEN) (www.twen.com.). The service aims to enhance the learning environment for more than 14,000 professors and their 135,000 students in more than 180 law schools around the country.

TWEN creates a "virtual community" through which law students, professors, practitioners and other legal professionals can interact, publish material and link to WESTLAW, Westís online legal research service. Current participants include Duke University, Northwestern University, University of Texas and the University of Minnesota.

TWEN will be delivered to subscribers via the Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS), which was designed to enable online services and large commercial web site customers to create, manage and distribute content. TWEN users will be able to download Microsoft Internet Explorer software free of charge from the TWEN web site.

For more information, visit West Groupís homepage at www.westgroup.com.

DuPontís new paradigms published in book form

DuPont Legalís unique approach to lawyering is now available to the whole legal industry in the form of a book, A New Era: The DuPont Legal Model. The book describes the principles and initiatives that can help corporate counsel and their suppliers achieve more efficient and cost-effective legal results.

During the past five years, DuPont Legal has revamped its processes for practicing law. Among the changes was the reduction of affiliations from 350 law firms to relationships with 34 firms and seven legal service suppliers. These preferred providers work jointly with DuPontís corporate counsel to explore ways to make key legal practices more efficient.

Distribution of the book was formerly limited to DuPont and its primary network of firms and service suppliers. A revised edition is now available to all law firms and corporate counsel through the publisher, FTI Corp., at 1-800/334-5701, or e-mail: anewera@fticorp.com. Also available is a video companion, The Winds of Change, which shows the forces driving todayís legal marketplace.

Bankruptcy management software available

Multimedia Abacus Corp. has released Bankruptcy, Esq. 1.0, the latest product in their suite of legal electronic forms solutions. Co-authored by Robert Lowney, Esq., the software enables the user to prepare and generate the bankruptcy forms required to initiate voluntary bankruptcy petitions pursuant to Title 11 of the U.S. code.

Bankruptcy, Esq. 1.0 allows conversion between chapters and filings entities without the loss of any data or the need to re-enter data. It keeps a link between Schedule A (real property), Schedule B (personal property), and Schedule D (creditors holding secured claims) so that the collateral and claim information is always accurately reflected on these schedules.

For more information, call Ben Payami at 310/645-0598.

Legal Visionís TrialWorks 3.1 for Microsoft

Legal Vision Inc. has announced the release of TrialWorks version 3.1, the first case management software that is fully compatible with Outlook, the combined e-mail/calendar/contact manager/task manager feature of Microsoft Office 97.

Version 3.1 also adds the new Fast Track docket system that enables firms to automatically calculate deadlines based on local and state rules, or to establish deadlines for customary court orders.

For more information, call Joe Matthews at 1-800/377-5844.

SEC no-action letters are on the Internet

Corporate and securities practitioners can quickly and accurately retrieve SEC no-action letters via SECnet, a new password-protected Internet site (www.wsb.com/secnet). Developed for legal professionals by CCH Washington Service Bureau, the no-action letter database is the companyís first major content expansion of SECnet, which debuted a year ago as the first Internet-based EDGAR and non-EDGAR SEC filings research, retrieval and monitoring system.

The new database contains the full text of all no-action letters released since 1971. It is updated daily and offers full-test Boolean searching, including subject (company) name searches. Relevant no-action letters also can be accessed by a unique Act-Section-Rule category system and comprehensive topical index. Other features include concise editorial abstracts of each letter, a complete and current SEC filings index, typeset quality documents, and proprietary SEC Registrations and Topical Research databases.

No-action letter database searches are free and search results include a free abstract of each letter. Full-text letters are billed at the rate of $5 each. For more information, call Lawrence Hamm at 202/508-0630.