State Bar offers members assistance program

The State Bar offers several programs to assist lawyers in their practice and personal lives.

The Law Office Management Assistance (LOMA) program was established as a support system for attorneys in need of law office management advice.

By calling 1-800/YES-LOMA, the state’s attorneys can access thousands of resources through LOMA’s fax on demand service. In addition to information about accounting and billing programs, new product reviews and software programs, LOMA also offers management audits and educational seminars.

The Lawyers Personal Assistance Program is another State Bar-sponsored program which provides 24-hour confidential assistance. By calling 1-800/341-0572, professional and peer assistance is available for attorneys who suffer from chemical dependency, stress, burnout or depression.

Trained bar staff members are also available to discuss ethical questions which sometimes arise in the course of practicing law. Attorneys can call the Ethics Hotline at 1-800/238-4427 (in California) or 415/241-2150.