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Male workers terrorize female employees
Award: $4,300,000

Female employees at a rice plant claimed that the conduct of a group of male workers caused plaintiffs to fear for their lives (Wallace v. Busch Agricultural Resources Inc., Yolo County Superior Court).

Centerline violation causes death
Award: $4,271,079

A truck crossed over the centerline and collided with decedent's pickup, forcing it into the path of an oncoming truck (Marthe v. Trotter, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Greasy liquid causes slip and fall at 7-Eleven
Award: $135,000

A 7-Eleven customer suffered arm/hand injuries when he slipped and fell in a greasy liquid on the floor of the store (Jones v. Southland Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Insurer rejects tender of defense
Award: $600,000

Plaintiff's homeowner's carrier rejected the tender of defense when plaintiff was sued for defamation (Bunnell v. California Capital Insurance Co., Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Sexual orientation discrimination claimed
Award: Defense

A gay African-American claimed he was fired by BART because of his race and/or sexual orientation (Young v. BART, Alameda County Superior Court).

Shopper falsely arrested
Award: $3,250,000

Price Club detained and arrested a shopper without probable cause; the jury found malice, oppression and awarded punitive damages (Zamacona v. Price Club, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Dogs attack passerby
Award: $23,256

Defendants' rottweilers and a terrier left their property and attacked plaintiff as she walked past (Wiggins v. Waite, Riverside County Superior Court).

Tumor diagnosis delayed
Award: $650,000

Defendant physicians' delay in diagnosing a tumor resulted in pain, extensive surgery and increased mortality rate (Dressel v. Armour, San Bernardino County Superior Court).

Catering cook burned
Award: $2,107,096

After the driver of a catering truck lost control, the cook inside was thrown to the floor and burned by hot liquid which spilled (Garcia v. Cater Craft Foods Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

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