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Front Page - April 2001
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News / News Briefs
Bar foundation gives $50,000 grant to fund Conference of Delegates
Bar hit with $2.35 million fee demand in lawyer dues case
Bush administration ends ABA review of judicial candidates
Special publication in May Bar Journal
Davis appoints two public members to board of governors
George lauds five years of reform
2001 Annual Meeting will be held in Anaheim
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Trials Digest
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Legal Tech - FindLaw: Lawyers' home on the web
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From the President - Butter a slice, not a full loaf
Is it wrong to copy a song?
Letters to the Editor
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Update on ethics
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MCLE Self-Study
Kids and the Law
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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You Need to Know
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Public Comment
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Ethics Byte - 2 new rulings send litigators back to basics
Forgery, grand theft, fraud convictions lead to resignation
Attorney Discipline


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Self-Assessment Test
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Answer the following questions after reading the MCLE article on Kids and the Law. Use the answer form provided to send the test, along with a $20 processing fee, to the State Bar. Please allow at least eight weeks for MCLE certificates to reach you in the mail.

1. The minimum age for drinking in California is 18.

2. Minors may drink at private parties as long as a person age 21 or older is present.

3. An adult may face criminal charges for providing teen-agers with alcohol.

4. Drug offenses may result in delay of a youngster's obtaining or suspension of an existing driver's license.

5. Possession of just 2 ounces of marijuana normally will result in a $100 fine.

6. Selling drugs in a school yard is a serious crime, but youngsters under 18 will never be sent to state prison.

7. Withdrawn moods and secret telephone calls should alert parents to drug problems.

8. Getting "high" on drugs in the privacy of your home is not a crime.

9. In custody situations, the child's wishes are always granted.

10. If a child is deemed unruly, a court may assume custody and remove the child from the home.

11. Parents have no legal right to wages earned by their child.

12. Carrying one or more of 135 controlled substances may result in a felony charge.

13. Only federal laws apply to children and possession of illegal drugs.

14. Failure to provide adequate food, clothing and shelter for children may lead to criminal prosecution against parents.

15. A father not married to the mother of his child may not be compelled to contribute to the child's general needs.

16. Parents may be held liable for their children's actions, but cannot be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor child of their own.

17. A person under 18 who induces another minor into using drugs can only be punished with a fine.

18. If a child is killed or injured, parents are entitled to bring a lawsuit to recover costs such as medical or funeral expenses from the person responsible.

19. Grades, diplomas and transcripts may be withheld until parents reimburse schools for property damaged or stolen by their child.

20. If a child steals from a store, parents may be held liable up to $10,000.