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LAPD discrimination found
Award: $5,340,000

An African-American member of the LAPD Bomb Squad claimed he was subjected to racial discrimination/harassment and retaliation (Francois v. City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Superior Court).

Plastic surgery patient dies
Award: $2,001,031

A 25-year-old woman died following breast augmentation and liposuction procedures (Pfefferman v. Corwin, Ventura County Superior Court).

Student is paralyzed
Award: $4.5 million settlement

Concealed skylights cause painter to suffer T-11 paraplegia (Upchurch v. El Dorado Ranch, Santa Clara County Superior Court).

Civil rights violated
Award: $13,506,450

Plaintiff couple was awarded $13.5 million in the fourth trial on false arrest, false imprisonment and civil rights violations (Valentin v. County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Attorney negligence found
Award: $332,177

Plaintiff claimed his land use attorney failed to advise him on the applicability of anti-SLAPP law and attorney fees exposure (Gaggero v. Stacey, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Elder abuse claimed
Award: $1,287,400

The conservator for an incompetent person claimed that her caregivers misappropriated money for their own use (Adler v. Williams, Orange County Superior Court).

Torn disk at L4-L5
Award: $450,000

A 43-year-old female was struck by a forklift causing a disputed torn disk at L4-L5. (Paris v. Lucky Stores, Alameda County Superior Court).

Erosion damages property
Award: $457,000

Homeowners claimed part of their home was damaged due to loss of lateral support adjacent to a debris dam (Medrano v. Ventura County Flood Control District, Ventura County Superior Court).

Failed diagnosis claimed
Award: Defense

Plaintiff claimed a doctor/nurse failed to diagnose testicular cancer and provide adequate follow-up care (Rusyn v. Torre, Stanis-laus County Superior Court).

Package falls on shopper
Award: $65,000

A Home Depot shopper claimed head, neck and shoulder injuries as a result of being struck by a falling package. (Kerenyi v. Home Depot, Orange County Superior Court).

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