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Front Page - November 2001
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News / News Briefs
Applicants sought to oversee bar's diversion program
Let's have another cup of - legal advice
Foundation leads students to capital
Six honored for professional service
Warwick, six others named to California Judicial Council
Several thousand lawyers suspended for failing to pay dues, certify MCLE
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Trials Digest
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From the President - Remembering the fallen
The rule of law is our strongest weapon
Pro bono work is lawyers' duty
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Law Practice - Success: The top eight requirements
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Planning for education expenses
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MCLE Calendar of Events
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Ethics Byte - Lawyers move on in usual way despite disaster
Former city councilman spent his son's settlement
Attorney Discipline
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Public Comment


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Remembering the fallen
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President, State Bar of California
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Karen NobumotoLast month's monstrous acts of terrorism ripped thousands of lives from us - innocent people just beginning their workdays as well as heroes who rushed to their aid. As a nation, we mourn the dead and condemn these cowardly and criminal acts. As attorneys, we mourn our colleagues and remember them for their service and dedication to others.

Many attorneys worked in the 40 law firms and legal departments housed at the World Trade Center. Some were passengers on the four hijacked California-bound planes. And at least one was a member of our State Bar. Our hearts go out to their families; we share their grief.

Alan Beaven of San Francisco was aboard American Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed near Pittsbugh. Authorities believe some of the passengers staged a counterattack on the hijackers, causing the plane to miss its intended target. Joe Tabacco, Beaven's law partner at Berman DeValerio Pease Tabacco Burt & Purcillo, believes the athletic 48-year-old attorney was likely one of the heroes who helped thwart the terrorists' plan.

Daniel BrandhorstMari-Rae SopperJames M. RouxAlan BeavanThe New Zealand native, Emeryville resident and father of three was flying to attend a settlement conference in Sacramento before heading to Bombay, India, where he was to volunteer for a year as general counsel of the SYDA Foundation, a humanitarian nonprofit based on the practice of Siddha yoga. Beaven worked in California as an environmental lawyer, but he previously was a prosecutor for Scotland Yard, private practitioner in Portugal, financial advisor in Hong Kong and trial attorney in New York. He was admitted to our State Bar in 1992.

News reports tell us that several attorneys also were aboard the three other hijacked flights that crashed into the Pentagon and the twin trade towers in New York. Among them were James M. Roux, who was preparing to move from Portland, Me., to Northern California to work for his brother David, the co-founder of a Silicon Valley investment firm; Mari-Rae Sopper, a Washington, D.C., lawyer who was just named the women's gymnastics coach at UC Santa Barbara; and Daniel Brandhorst, a lawyer, father and accountant who worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and lived in the Hollywood hills.

We are saddened by this terrible loss and our hearts go out to the families and friends of the many thousands who lost their lives in this tragic episode of our country's history. We know members of our State Bar will be among those who proudly step forward to aid in pro bono efforts and tackle the tough legal issues sure to surface from these tragic events. We will do this in tribute to our dedicated colleagues.

Your views sought

In the coming year, your board members want to hear from you. I intend to turn this monthly president's column in the Bar Journal into a forum where there is true dialogue with not just me, but your entire board of governors. I invite members to write to me about issues of concern and to give constructive suggestions on how they feel the board should be addressing them. I will personally respond and/or turn to my fellow members on the board and ask them to respond in their areas of expertise. We will make this a truly collaborative effort. Send your comments to 

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