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Front Page - November 2001
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News / News Briefs
Applicants sought to oversee bar's diversion program
Let's have another cup of - legal advice
Foundation leads students to capital
Six honored for professional service
Warwick, six others named to California Judicial Council
Several thousand lawyers suspended for failing to pay dues, certify MCLE
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Trials Digest
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From the President - Remembering the fallen
The rule of law is our strongest weapon
Pro bono work is lawyers' duty
Letters to the Editor
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Law Practice - Success: The top eight requirements
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You Need to Know
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MCLE Self-Study
Planning for education expenses
Self-Assessment Test
MCLE Calendar of Events
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Ethics Byte - Lawyers move on in usual way despite disaster
Former city councilman spent his son's settlement
Attorney Discipline
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Public Comment


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Woman paralyzed
Award: $55,362,496

A 33-year-old woman claimed that defective tires on her parents' car caused a rollover accident leaving her an incomplete quadriplegic. (Lampe v. Continental General Tire Inc., Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Police kill suspect
Award: $1,208,417

Plaintiff claimed her disabled paranoid schizophrenic son was shot and killed by police without sufficient justification. (Lifton v. City of Vacaville, Eastern District Federal Court).

SUV hits pedestrian
Award: $930,415

A pedestrian claimed that he was in a crosswalk when an SUV struck him, causing numerous injuries, including spleen and liver damage and a femur fracture. (Meraz v. Valadao, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Fibromyalgia aggravated
Award: $57,000

Plaintiff was involved in two separate auto accidents, consolidated into a single action, which she alleged aggravated her fibromyalgia and caused other injuries. (Stephens v. Litvak, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Family killed in fire
Award: $15,007,500

Five members of a family living in San Francisco public housing died in a fire; plaintiffs alleged a defective wall heater and that defendant breached its mandatory duty to provide smoke detectors. (Evans v. San Francisco Housing Authority, San Francisco County Superior Court).

Circumcision injury
Award: Defense

An infant was allegedly left disfigured and brain damaged as a result of a negligently performed circumcision. (Perez v. Nguyen, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

Unregistered mark infringed
Award: $0

Plaintiff sought declaration of non-infringement in connection with cosmetic products trademark; jury finds infringement of unregistered mark. (Physicians Formula Cosmetics Inc. v. Derma-blend Inc., Central District Federal Court).

Roommates assaulted
Award: $427,500

Two roommates who were tenants at the defendant apartment building were bound and gagged and then sexually assaulted and raped by a co-tenant whom the owners/management allegedly knew was a danger. (Kanemoto v. Encino Manor Apartments, Los Angeles County Superior Court).            

Woman sues for palimony
Award: $8,500,000

A woman sued her long-time companion for palimony and child support. (Greenlin v. Neves, Orange County Superior Court).

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