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West Group delivers online tax information

Staying current with complicated tax cases, news and regulatory developments is a time-consuming task, even for a seasoned tax law professional. West Group's TaxLine is an integrated delivery service that simplifies the task by providing the latest tax information free.

TaxLine contains a full array of essential tax-related information. Visitors to the site find answers to common tax questions, detailed analysis of the latest developments and reports from recent tax conferences. TaxLine includes IRS releases and publications, highlights from current tax cases and legislative activity - including amended IRS sections from the 1996, 1997 and 1998 federal tax regulations.

The free service is easily accessible on the Internet at

Mirror Systems offers litigation support program

Mirror Systems, a leading developer of litigation support document management solutions, has released ReplicaRLS version 2.3, which adds several advanced features to the popular litigation support document management application while improving its overall ease of use.

Among the many improvements, version 2.3 includes two significant additions: portable filerooms and a batch print utility. The portable fileroom feature lets users transfer Replica filerooms from a server to a laptop, or a source PC to a target PC providing attorneys with the means to take their electronic documents into court or any other off-site location. The batch print utility provides a simple method to print multiple documents with a single print command.

For more information, contact Mirror Systems in Portland, Ore., at 503/282-1285; fax: 503/282-3635; or e-mail: Mirror Systems also can be visited on the web at

Impeachment insight available on Westlaw

Comprehensive statutory information, analysis and authoritative articles relating to the impeachment process are now available on Westlaw, the legal industry's leading online source for legal, regulatory and business information.

Presidential Impeachment Process (IMPEACH) provides insight into the impeachment process, the removal of federal judges, the president and civil officers. In-depth articles and analysis in this database were gathered from law review publications, texts, American Law Reports (ALR), legal encyclopedias including American Jurisprudence 2d and Corpus Juris Secundum, CLE course materials, bar journals and legal practice-oriented periodicals. In addition, IMPEACH includes articles discussing executive privilege and the role of the special prosecutor.

CLS publishes booklet on management systems

Computer Law Systems Inc. (CLS) recently published Top 20 Tips for Selecting & Implementing a Case/Matter Management System. The 20-page booklet, available free to legal professionals, provides a global overview of the process involved in the successful evaluation, selection and implementation of new technology.

The advice and tips in the booklet are based on CLS' 30 years of consultation with legal organizations on the acquisition and installation of new technology. To order a free copy, contact CLS at 1-800/330-7958 or e-mail: