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Doyle rejoins bar staff as in-house lobbyist
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Longtime in-house lobbyist Larry Doyle was rehired by the State Bar last month.

Doyle will be responsible for the legislative program sponsored by the bar's educational sections, as well as helping to lobby the dues bill through the legislature in the coming session. The bar expects to hire a second in-house lobbyist as well.

Laid off last year in the wake of former Gov. Pete Wilson's veto of the dues bill, Doyle has been working for the bar on a 90-day contract. He is of counsel with a Sacramento law firm.

The 17 sections, now self-funded, create and monitor legislation that affects their practice areas. In that capacity, Doyle seeks authors for legislation and lobbies the bills with lawmakers.

The $900,000, two-year contract awarded to lobbyist Mel Assagai ended last month. The controversial contract was a focal point of criticism directed at the bar and was cited by former Gov. Peter Wilson in his veto of the bar's fee bill.

Prior to Assagai's creation of his own lobbying firm, he and Doyle both worked as in-house lobbyists for the bar in Sacramento.

Doyle said the sections pay for that portion of his salary devoted to their activities and the remainder come from the bar's discretionary funds.