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Kyndra Miller

Embarking on a virtual odyssey, ultimately to save money
Attorney Kyndra Miller has her feet in two different worlds: the virtual one of electronic communication, robot phones and limiting her client contact to e-mails and phone conferences, and the more traditional one of face-to-face contact in brick-and-mortar buildings.

Action taken against 5 more lawyers in loan modifications
State Bar prosecutors took action last month against five more lawyers under investigation for loan modification misconduct, bringing to 14 the number of attorneys who have resigned or been placed on involuntary inactive enrollment since creation of the bar’s Loan Modification Task Force in April.

35 revisions of professional conduct rules win approval
After nine years of work by its Rules Revision Commission, the State Bar Board of Governors has approved 35 revisions of the California Rules of Professional Conduct on issues ranging from lawyers as third-party neutrals and fees to communication with a represented person and competence.

Bar board hires veteran Sacramento auditors
The Sacramento auditing firm of Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting Inc. has been hired by the State Bar Board of Governors to conduct an internal audit.

Bar exam pass rate shows first decline in 5 years, down to 56.4 percent
The Committee of Bar Examiners announced last month that 56.4 percent of those who took the bar exam in July passed, down from the 61.7 percent passage rate in 2008.

50 years of law

California attorneys hit 50-year mark
494 lawyers were sworn in as California Attorneys 50 years ago and remain on the State Bar's roster today.

Disabled woman passes July bar examination
Sara Granda, the 29-year-old quadriplegic who won the right to take the California bar exam after a ruling from the State Supreme Court, has passed the exam.

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