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Two audits give bar clean bill of health
Two audits concluded this spring that the State Bar spends its resources properly and operates on solid ground, but warned that the bar will sink rapidly into deficit spending unless membership fees are increased.

James O. Heiting

Jim Heiting elected bar president
James O. Heiting, a Riverside lawyer who has been instrumental in expanding alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs for attorneys, has been elected the next president of the State Bar of California.

Four attorneys face second disbarment
While it’s not exactly a trend, two California attorneys were disbarred for the second time in the last six months, a second disbarment is under consideration by the Supreme Court for a third lawyer, and yet another attorney faces a possible second disbarment in a case that is working its way through the discipline system.

Mock trial teammates, Sandra Allen (left) and Natalie Robinson

National mock trial honors for Marin school
The defense attorney was determined to rattle the witness, a mechanical engineering expert who supported the plaintiff’s contention that a faulty bolt caused the death of NASCAR racer Mitch Robertson. In rapid, hostile succession during cross-examination, the attorney bombarded the witness with one technically challenging question after another. The witness answered each query politely, respectfully and confidently. Obviously frustrated, the defense attorney backed away.

Former bar president Herman named to bench
A former State Bar president has been named a superior court judge, and a current bar board member has been sworn in as president of the California Association of Black Lawyers (CABL).

Bar honors longtime members
State Bar President John Van de Kamp (center), presented certificates acknowledging 50 years of bar membership to Seymour M. Rose (left) and Mortimer Herzstein.

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